Plastic Surgeon Dr. Carlos Mata Discusses the Rising Public Interest in Plastic Surgery and Male Enhancement

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Studies show that many men feel insecure about themselves and their bodies. In fact, it is common for men to perceive themselves as physically inadequate, especially in regards to their genitals. A 2006 study by Lever, Frederick, and Peplau found that 45% of men sampled were dissatisfied with their genitals, while a 2008 study by Tiggemann et al. found that 68.3% of heterosexual men were dissatisfied with the size of their genitals. According to plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Carlos Mata, this is consistent with his own clientele. “We have lots of guys coming in to find out about cosmetic procedures and male enhancement,” he says. “The number of male patients we’ve seen has actually increased almost 30% as of late.”

Analyzing the Rising Interest in Cosmetic Enhancement

The increased interest in male enhancement accompanies a rising interest in plastic surgery among people of all genders. Dr. Mata believes that there are a number of factors contributing to its growing popularity. “Changing values during the age of COVID and social media have caused the public to reevaluate the stigma surrounding plastic surgery. It’s quickly gaining acceptance in American society.” As technology becomes more advanced and procedures become more effective, Dr. Mata expects this trend to continue.

Dr. Mata is Helping Men Rebuild Their Confidence

Dr. Mata, who has also come to be known as Dr. Scottsdale®, has worked in the field of plastic surgery for over 17 years, completing upwards of 25,000 procedures in that time. Throughout his service as a Major and Chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in the U.S. Army, he learned different surgical techniques and cultivated skills that he now uses every day in his private practice at Natural Results Plastic Surgery in Scottsdale, AZ. “I became a plastic surgeon because I wanted to help people increase their confidence and live their own image of beauty,” he says. “I want to give people the bodies they’ve only dreamt of.”

Now, Dr. Mata is at the forefront of male enhancement innovation. Not only does he provide cutting-edge procedures based on proven research, he is inventing new non-surgical treatments and techniques for male enhancement.

Creating The Magic Shot™ as a Non-Surgical Alternative to Penile Surgery

With 70% of the clinic’s male clientele seeking cosmetic enhancement but many of them hesitant about undergoing permanent surgery, Dr. Mata set out to create a less invasive alternative to surgical penile lengthening. The result is the Magic Shot™, a safe and effective procedure using injectable fillers and fat transfer to augment the genital region. Since the invention of the technique, men have been traveling from across the nation to receive the procedure. “Patients are responding well to the procedure, with many men reporting satisfaction with their results. Many people also appreciate the unintrusive nature of the procedure, with out-of-state patients able to fly back the same day as their appointment.”

Inspiring Greater Progress in the Plastic Surgery Industry

With his passion for innovation, Dr. Mata hopes to leave his mark on the field of plastic surgery. “I want to make a positive impact on the lives of my patients, and hopefully, on the industry as a whole. I believe that the research and innovations that our clinic is pursuing will be very beneficial to the broader field of plastic and reconstructive surgery.” He hopes that his work will help to inspire further research, inventions, innovations, or advancements in the field.
Read up on Dr. Mata’s work, including the Magic Shot™ procedure, on the Natural Results Plastic Surgery website.


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