Natural Lip Balms: The Best Moisturizing and Nourishing Options for Soft, Sun-Protected Lips

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Lip treatment must be an essential part of your daily skincare routine, especially during colder months when lips can become dry and chapped. Natural lip balm for lips of all types are becoming increasingly popular, as more people are looking for products that are not only effective but also made from natural ingredients. Here’s why natural ingredients matter in lip balms and how to choose the best natural lip balm for your lips.

Cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer, SPF… remember your lips!

Why Natural Ingredients Matter in Lip Balms

While natural doesn’t always mean more effective when it comes to skin care, avoiding artificial and potentially toxic ingredients in lip balms is especially important.

Lips have fewer layers of tissue than the rest of the skin, which means they are more susceptible to dryness, environmental damage and absorbing ingredients into the bloodstream.

Additionally, you lick your lips on autopilot, which puts ingredients in your lip products into your digestive system and potentially into your bloodstream. That’s why it’s important to use lip balms that are free from harsh chemicals, artificial components and other ingredients not suitable for ingestion.

Natural lip balms can still contain ingredients that are best not ingested, such as peppermint oil, but they are less likely to create an adverse reaction, while giving you soft lips.

What Makes the Best Lip Balm

The best natural lip balm for lips of all types should do more than just provide temporary relief from chapped lips. Instead, it should act as a lip treatment, nourishing, protecting and hydrating this delicate area.

Moisturizing Lip Balm

It takes two steps to properly hydrate lips: add moisture and prevent it from leaving.

This is an especially tough task on lips because we are constantly licking them and they have fewer layers or cells, making it easy for moisture to come in and also to leave.

STEP 1: Add moisture

When looking for the perfect lip balm with potent hydrating properties, don’t just focus on ingredients like avocado oil, coconut oil, hemp seed oil or jojoba oil. While oils can be moisturizing, they are more effective at preventing water from leaving than adding hydration. Additionally, oils can be comedogenic or pore-clogging, which can cause outbreaks in acne-prone skin.

Instead, look for ingredients like hyaluronic acid or Manuka honey, which are humectants. Humectants are ingredients that draw moisture into the area, effectively hydrating it.

Additionally, look for lip balms containing shea butter and cocoa butter. Unlike oils, these less refined ingredients have softening and moisturizing properties.


Ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter and vitamin E not only moisturize and smooth lips, but create a skin barrier that keeps moisture in. With proper portions of these ingredients, a hydrating lip balm will last longer, reducing how much you need to apply it.

Remember that the best lip moisturizer should be lightweight but stay on your lips. It’s ok for the lip balm to be a bit greasy – that means it’s doing it’s job – but it shouldn’t be sticky like lip gloss.

Nourishing Balm

Another factor to consider when choosing a natural lip balm for lips of all types, especially chronically dry lips, is how it heals them. Lip balms are often used as temporary salves, but the best lip balms improve the quality of your skin.

Vitamin E is an ingredient that is essential in any lip product. In addition to helping keep moisture in, this worker vitamin is as potent of an antioxidant as vitamin c that helps protect lips on a cellular level. But unlike vitamin C, vitamin E is better tolerated by sensitive skin.

Sun Protection SPF Lip Balm

Just like the rest of your skin, your lips need protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Sun damage can cause dark spots, premature aging, and even skin cancer. That’s why it’s important to use a lip balm that contains broad spectrum SPF. With at least SPF 30, mineral sunblock is ideal as it creates a protective barrier rather than chemical sunscreen that gets absorbed into your skin and potentially your bloodstream.

Avoiding Toxic Ingredients in Lip Balms

Above all else, the best lip balms avoid toxic ingredients. If you’ve used a Burt’s Bees lip balm in the past, you may be surprised to find out that they are in a class action suit for including ‘forever chemicals’ or PFAS in their products. Understanding the ingredients you’re putting on your skin, especially on your lips, can help keep you safe.

Toxic ingredients often hide in colors and flavors. If you are looking for a tinted lip balm, for example, make sure that the colors being used are derived from vegetable sources such as beets rather than mineral oil or artificial dyes. Consider that applying a glossy lip balm without a tint may be the healthiest option overall.

Why MOOD Offers the Best Lip Balms

A good lip balm will do one or two of those things, but the best lip balm offers all three without harmful ingredients. MOOD Skin Care offers four lip balms that offers just that with each balm having its own unique benefits.

Here are a few highlights we love about each MOOD Balm:

MOOD CALM Lavender Lip Balm

This balm is so good, it’s recommended by board certified dermatologists and plastic surgeons as lip filler aftercare. The use of therapy-grade lavender in this balm gives it both antiseptic and anti-inflammatory powers, which helps reduce bruising and swelling after lip treatments such as fillers, lip laser resurfacing and even lip tattoos. Lavender also has the aromatherapy effect of reducing stress, and further promotes faster healing. The SPF30 mineral sun protection also makes it easy for patients to protect their results.


MOOD’s top-selling lip balm, this lip treatment contains turmeric and lemon, which naturally brighten lips and address hyperpigmentation.


Blueberry seed oil is the star ingredient in this protective UV lip balm.

Like all MOOD Balms, it is a lip balm SPF 30 but the blueberry seed oil adds an extra layer of defense for those constantly in front of screens. Blueberry seed oil contains specific antioxidant called anthocyanin, which absorbs blue light, effectively reducing how much blue light penetrates the skin barrier.


Boasting aromatherapy benefits of therapy-grade orange flower essence, this mood-boosting lip balm has been EEG-tested to reduce stress signals, while offering all the skin benefits of MOOD Balms.

Now that you know what to look for in the best lip balms and why it’s important to go natural, try out MOOD Skin Care Lip Balms. Their website has an offer for new customers right now, so make sure you take advantage of that!


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