Man on a mission to improve the society, Piyush runs an NGO and Consulting services to help those in need.

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Piyush Datta works in the IT industry, he is also an entrepreneur and a freelance HR. His interest in politics and welfare led him to start a Welfare Foundation followed by a Consultancy services company. Both of which are named Bajrangi because he is a devout follower of Lord Hanuman.

He believes in the betterment of society and works towards it through his foundations. He works towards women empowerment and health services to help women improve their living conditions by being independent and educated.

Piyush’s goal is to build a successful business. He aims to achieve it by working hard to reach his goal. In tough times, he gets through knowing that he can survive anything and by having faith.

Learn more about him from his interview below.

Interviewer : Piyush can you introduce yourself to our audience?

Piyush : I was born and raised in Delhi. I had great interest in politics since my college days. I was part of the NSUI, then the Youth Congress which led into joining the Congress party. I quit congress  longtime back and now I am part of the BJP.

My career started 10 years ago with Genpact where I worked as a Process Associate for 2 years. Later I joined a Pharmaceutical firm as an HR manager for a year, and moved into Concentrix where I still work. Apart from my job, I also work as Freelancer HR and run an NGO under the name Bajrangi Welfare Foundation. I started my own job placement consultancy called Bajrangi Consultancy Services.

Interviewer : How has been your journey of being an Entrepreneur?

Piyush : After being in the IT industry for many years, I felt the need of starting something of my own. Since I love working in Welfare I started my NGO, Bajrangi Welfare Foundation and then gradually started the Bajrangi Consultancy services.

Interviewer : What does a typical day in your week look like?

Piyush : My typical day starts by worshipping God. Then I go on to help people find their dream jobs through my consulting services and then do welfare work for the society through my NGO.

Interviewer : What are your NGO and consultancy based on?

Piyush : My NGO works on Women Empowerment. It helps by making Education and Health services accessible to women. Education is vital in our society, it empowers women and makes them independent. And the health services are provided for those who can’t afford services, it is important for a healthy and better society. We ensure it reaches everyone.

Interviewer : What is the story behind naming both, your ngo and your consultancy as “Bajrangi”?

Piyush : I named both my ngo and consultancy as Bajrangi because Bajrangi is one of the names of Lord Hanuman. I am devotee of the lord, it means ‘one with a strong frame’ so it suits a lot.

Interviewer : What do you hope to accomplish?

Piyush : My aim is to accomplish success in life and setting up my own business. I want to do something for the betterment of society.

Interviewer : How many hours a day do you work on average?

Piyush : A typical work day usually comprises of 10 to 15 hours.

Interviewer : Describe you journey into politics and being part of BJP.

Piyush : I started my journey into politics during my college days, it took me to various social and welfare work which I like. Hence, I joined BJP to work for the betterment of our society and nation.

Interviewer : How do you define success?

Piyush : Success is something which cannot be defined, it can only be Attained .

Interviewer : What is your favourite aspect of being an Entrepreneur?

Piyush : My favourite aspect of being an entrepreneur is that you gain knowledge from various different things and also can get a chance to build a professional network which helps you a lot .

Interviewer : What would you say is the #1 key to success in your field?

Piyush : Hard Work, Determination and knowing your Goal is the number one key to success.

Interviewer : What keeps you going when the market gets tough on you?

Piyush : It’s my will to do something new and also the belief that I can survive in a tough situation that keeps me going.

Interviewer : How do you deal with your haters?

Piyush : The best way to deal with haters is to show them respect and whenever you meet one, greet them with a smile.

Interviewer : Any career lows since you became an Entrepreneur?

Piyush : One low I can think of is when it becomes tough to understand the market strategies and then setting your goals according to that.

Interviewer : How did you get to know about us (Gin Talks)?

Piyush : I got to know about the Gin Talks through Facebook .

Interviewer : At last what message do you want to give to your fans and followers in this pandemic?

Piyush : I just want to share one thing that don’t lose hope and faith in yourself. Till the time you have these two you can attain anything in life.


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