Inspiring Global Hope: The Impact of Iylon Precision Oncology on Cancer Care

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Every single day, thousands of people around the world receive the devastating news of a cancer diagnosis. 

Although many treatment options are available, very few are individualized to the needs of each patient. 

However, cutting-edge precision oncology is bringing cancer treatment options that are precise, proactive, and patient-specific to the center stageAnd Iylon Precision Oncology is leading the way. 

Iylon Precision Oncology uses the analysis of genome data on very challenging tumors to revolutionize cancer treatment, creating better outcomes for patients around the world. 

Iylon was co-founded by Dr. Sewanti Limaye and Dr. Sendurai A. Mani. Dr. Limaye is the Director of Medical & Precision Oncology and Director of Oncology Research at Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital & Research Center, and she was a faculty at Columbia University Medical Center and Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Harvard Medical School in the past. Dr. Sendurai A. Mani, a leading cancer researcher, was previously trained at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Whitehead Institute. He is now a full professor at Brown University and runs the Mani Lab. Currently, researchers at the Mani Lab are working to locate the biomarker for pancreatic cancer.

Traditionally, after a cancer diagnosis, a sample of the tumor is sent to a genomic laboratory in addition to a Pathology lab for testing. An extensive genomic report is then sent back to the patient and the treating oncologists. While it is extremely informative, it is difficult for the patient or general oncologists to comprehend and provide personalized treatment based on the report. On the other hand, some oncologists practice genomic test-based personalized precision oncology. These, otherwise, academic oncologists, design a better, more efficient, and ultimately successful treatment plan for their patients. 

Iylon has some of the greatest Precision Oncology experts in the world on their advisory and consultancy board. After analyzing these complex reports, Iylon will work with the patient, their oncologist, and Iylon’s advisor based on the type of tumor the patient is fighting. 

With the advisor’s endorsement, Iylon will prepare and share the best treatment plan that will specifically target the individual patient’s tumor. 

This is not an experimental or theoretical kind of treatment. The results of this type of precision oncology treatment so far have been revolutionary. Everyone at Iylon has a big mission: to make this precision oncology treatment available for all. 

Despite such positive results, Iylon faces a big challenge in achieving this mission.

Currently, precision oncology treatment in the United States is private pay only because medical insurance companies won’t cover it. 

The reason given for this is that, as only wealthy people can currently afford this kind of treatment, any results generated have a wealth bias. As people with higher incomes also have access to better overall medical treatment and nutrition, the argument is that the results are always going to be better – even though cancer doesn’t discriminate by wealth. 

To overcome this obstacle, Iylon Precision Oncology established a charity subsidiary called the Iylon Foundation in October 2023. 

The purpose of the foundation is to secure grants that can then be used to provide free treatment for patients who could not afford to access precision oncology treatment otherwise. Although the Iylon Foundation is only a few months old, it has already received $400,000 in grants to continue this incredible work. 

The grant money secured thus far is being used to ensure that there is a cap on what is charged for this usually expensive treatment. A pilot program is being rolled out in Rhode Island to pay for the work being done by the consultants at Iylon who analyze the reports – the patients and their oncologists pay nothing in the process. 

Patient response to treatment will be heavily tracked during this pilot program so that results can be compared to the wealthier patients who have previously paid for precision oncology treatment. 

Mr. John Tarantino, the CEO of Iylon hopes that by collecting positive results across the board, they can prove that anyone with cancer can benefit from precision oncology treatment – regardless of their wealth or status. By proving Iylon is the common thread in improving prognosis and quality of life, medical insurance companies will change their approach and start to cover this pioneering treatment option. 

The more grants that the Iylon Foundation receives, the more widely they can expand their treatment options – not just within the US, but around the world. 

With a goal of reaching $1 million in grants by the end of the year, it’s safe to say that the impact of Iylon Precision Oncology in transforming cancer care is just beginning. 

To learn more about Iylon Precision Oncology and the vital work they are doing, please visit 


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