FittShell’s success in being the leading supplement store.

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FittShell has been a one-stop solution for your supplement requirement. Being the largest supplement store with more than 100K products, we offer the world market right at your doorstep. When we first launched in September 2020, the overwhelming response encouraged us to provide our customers with sports supplements and lifestyle products online at the best competitive prices ever. Not only do we provide the best supplement shopping experience that comes with swift and free shipping to all states of India.

We don’t just offer products but an experience to work on your body and health. Our job is to help you know and utilize the tools and products while enabling your fitness journey. We have provided more than 1000+ informative articles and blogs of personal and expert opinions that give you first-hand information on fitness and supplement. Since FittShell is directly sourcing from the brands, we bring you the best quality at the best prices.


Fittshell has partnered with Shri Balaji Overseas (GMC). They will provide us with a wider consumer base that our partner has already created after being the leading importer of the nutrition supplements market for over a decade. This gives an impetus to expand our supply chains and give our business the wings through this association.

FittShell is new to the fitness space; however, we have spent years researching and taking the help of experts and research to analyze every aspect of supplements, their potential and how the fitness market has evolved. Our team currently comprises 25 people who are dedicated to bringing a change in perception about supplement buying and exposure to the brand. They amplified the scope to bring in so many deliverables with a wider reach to all consumers.

Your workout can never be complete with our supply of genuine protein and vitamin supplements at affordable pricing. FittShell believes in quality and ensures that all our supplements are sourced from the best in the industry. We have always shunned counterfeit and fake supplements that have flooded the market, impacting consumers’ health. We believe that your health is our priority and ensure you get the best from us every time you click on your device to purchase from our site. 

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