Dr. Lovekush Singh, an Indian entrepreneur left his lucrative Govt job to take forward his family’s legacy in Ayurveda

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Dr. Lovekush Singh is the Founder Chairman and CEO of Anupam Group India.
Anupam Group India (Corporate Busines Administration and Management) is a Delhi based company formed by him, which is currently having 4 subsidiaries and working in the field of Health, Ayurveda Science and Information technology Sector.
Dr. Lovekush Singh aims to promoting and keeping alive the science of Ayurveda in human beings through holistic treatment and best Ayurvedic medicines to keep human life healthy. He has done his graduation in Ayurvedic Science specialization from “Gujarat Ayurved University”, a world renowned ans Asia’s first Ayurvedic University. After his graduation, he did his post-graduation in MBA (Hospital and Health Management) and clinical research and trials.
Dr Singh is 30 years old, first came to Kanpur from Delhi and was appointed as manager in a pharmaceutical company, but after a few days he was appointed as a research officer in another US based pharma research company based in Delhi NCR. Following his extensive experience here, during the same tenure, Dr. Singh was posted on a contract post at All India Institute of Ayurveda, an autonomous body under the Ministry of AYUSH, Govt of India, New Delhi, where he remained till FY March 2019. Through his vast experience and strategic acumen, he was earning good money so that he could utilize that money and massive experience in his organization hence he proceed ahead with the goal of providing business and services all over India.

Dr. Lovekush started an ayurvedic healthcare company as a subsidiary of AGI itself, combining strategic leadership and family traditions with great branding, easy-to-use Ayurvedic products and online retail channels. The company also provides Ayurvedic doctor’s consultation to all the clients / patients / customers. In the last three-four years, Dr. Singh, with his prudence, ethical acumen and the guidances of his academic / career / professional mentor (Professor) sir, introduced many new products in the market, which also proved to be very beneficial for the customers.

Anupam Pharmaceutical is a new age Ayurvedic pharmaceutical company that was founded a few years back to bring Ayurveda to the millennials and It was upgraded in March-2019 with the aim of providing pan-India service. Now, It leads several FDA and Directorate of Ayush, Ministry of Ayush department’s approved formulations for Ayurvedic Patent Proprietary medicines.

In his interview, Dr Lovekush told us about how he will expand and grow the market for traditional and authentic Ayurvedic products. Anupam Pharmaceutical has tied up with Amazon to sell its premium products outside India as well. The process is still ongoing and will be available very soon.
Anupam Holistic Health Care started by him in Delhi is going on even today, and is achieving its success. About 40 to 50 patients come daily, including the outer states of Delhi, who get rid of many chronic serious problems and make their life happy. The facilities of online medical consultation provided by AHHC across the country, almost 1 year before the period of corona pandemic, are still continuing today.

Presently, Anupam Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd’s range of Ayurvedic products is available online bigest Ecom channels and through their official website. Which is striving to make it available at your doorstep in any region of the country. AGI is able to make available the products of Anupam Pharmaceutical to more than 30000 pincodes in the shortest possible time in the shortest possible time whereas the average time taken to reach its customers anywhere in Delhi is 2 hours.

They have launched two most innovative products through social media and ground marketing – Livheal Syrup and Meninsta Care Forte Capsule being the best selling products. They have tied up with best Purana stores across the country to first sample and then retail the product range. Lovekush claims that through its promotion, more than 50,000 consumers have used the product in Delhi alone.

They have also tied up with music festivals such as Imix Fest and a few others to help consumers see the product in the right places.Other types of efficacious products like Ancough Syrup, Anasth-M Avaleha & Tablet, Pure-B100 Syrup & Tablet, Diabtus-DS tablet, Pilaid Forte Tablet, ThyroAid Tablet, Kstone Forte Tablet, Scenic Face Cream etc are available at online retail channels, company’s official website.Dr. Singh told us during the conversation that he is soon going to start another subsidiary of Anupam Group India, named “Anupam Infotech”. Most of the works done by this company have been completed.You may be curious to know that Dr. Singh, of simple yet strong nature, has not taken loan from any outsider or any bank for his business. They generate paddy from their own business and are spending the money earned in promoting their own business in a very efficient and administratively ethical manner.


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