Dr. John Manzella and the Ins and Outs of Entrepreneurial Healthcare

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Dr. John Manzella—renowned physician working in Jim Thrope, Pennsylvania—approaches medicine in an entrepreneurial fashion. For the cynics out there, they might think, “What else is new?” However, to clarify, this merely means that Manzella is an entrepreneur with a medical startup on top of his own practice.

His approach to being a physician actually involves keeping costs as affordable as possible for his patients in the form of LV and its Zoom-based methodology of doing regular doctor check-ups and appointments through teleconferencing.

Catering to Patients in More Ways Than One

Conventional medicine and hospitals don’t cater to patients much. You go to them, get tested, have operations, and then pay astronomical bills. Even annual visits for doctor certificates at work are a hassle to fulfill.  

  • Dr. John Manzella’s Credentials: Dr John Manzella holds an MBA in general medical economics, a DO from the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine, and a PhD in medical law and managed care from the University of Rochville. He’s also certified by the board in pediatrics (2001, 2010) and internal medicine (2000, 2008) as well as a coding and billing specialist (2014).
  • A Trusted Voice in Revolutionizing American Healthcare: Working for such companies as his own Manzella Family Healthcare practice and the Arcadia Hospital in his 15 years in the business, Dr. Manzella’s reputation precedes him. He’s also considered enough of an expert to host his own radio talk show known as “The Medical Moment” for good measure.
  • There’s a Better Way in Approaching Health: The success of Dr. John Manzella has opened up opportunities for him to affect real change in the medicinal and medical world. His business of turning the traditional family doctor house call of yore into a Skype call or web chat is opening new doors previously closed by greedy hospitals who only care about their bottom line.
  • Why Not Use the Internet to Your Advantage? The Internet has revolutionized a lot of things. Traditional letter writing has become faster now that electronic mail or email exists. Ditto with commerce or shopping now available to you through PC and mobile devices care of e-shopping or e-commerce. Teleconferencing with doctors seems like a natural progression of things!
  • Online Hospitals and Virtual House Calls: Now that everything is online, from online payment to online dating, it’s only natural for people to call hospitals online. No, not email them to make reservations or appointments. You can have a dedicated house call appointment and liaison service available to you via Dr. Manzella’s LV
  • How Does LV Work Exactly? On the front end, you’re able to connect to doctors and nurses through teleconferencing. There, via Zoom or Skype, you can discuss your symptoms and health as honestly as possible. They might ask you to do additional blood tests or prescribe you medicine outside of your usual OTC pain pills.

How Is All This Revolutionizing Helathcare?

Sure, Dr. Manzella’s LV isn’t overhauling the profit-centric hospitals and greedy insurance companies that plague American healthcare. However, it does its part in giving more affordable and accessible checkups to aid in improving American health.

  • History of Innovation: Medicine has evolved through thousands of years of trial and error as well as innovation. What works has stuck all the way to the present and what doesn’t has fallen into the wayside of pseudoscience. Physicians have been seeking ways to make healthcare easier for people to improve their lives and wellness. Not make it worse.
  • The Sorry State of American Healthcare: Dr. Manzella’s LV wishes to help American Healthcare rise back to its former prominence in the early to late 20th Century. Nowadays, it’s reputation has gone to the gutter. It’s infamous for its needless expensiveness, greedy insurance companies making compensation hard to cash in, and its inherent inconvenience.
  • More Accessible and More Affordable: Affordability and convenience is a key aspect of LV Like when you do Zoom meetings as you work-from-home, you save from gas money, food allowances, and so forth doing everything at home with your house call Zoom doctor save for additional blood tests and buying the medicine.
  • No More Long Lines: Even in expensive private hospitals, you’ll have to wait long lines or become the early bird and stare at nothing waiting for the doctor to come in his or her clinic while sitting on the waiting chair. You’ll also have to do this in order to get signatures and approvals for insurance policies or hospital bill payments.
  • Real Doctors with Real Recommendations: Like “real” doctors (or at least doctors at hospitals who don’t do virtual house calls), the doctors at LV that has Dr. John as their liaison can also recommend you specialists in case you’re dealing with issues requiring such, like being recommended oncologists, surgeons, or an ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) doctor.
  • How Everything Works in The Backend: Manzella’s staff and crew—a technical staff and a medical crew—will connect different patients to different virtual departments of the hospital so that you can talk to one the good doctor’s fellow colleagues he serves as liaison for at his website. This gives you access to on-call physician services for diagnosis, tests, and whatnot.
  • Innovating Medicine Today: Medicine and the medical industry is all about innovation. Virtual doctor house calls is one such innovation that isn’t new but it is one of the first times there’s a centralized website that gathers doctors available for work-at-home consultations over at Skype or Zoom. It also helps that COVID-19 lockdowns have made people more comfortable with teleconferencing.

What’s Dr. Manzella Up to Now?

Aside from getting his LV business up and running, Dr. Manzella currently works as a physician liaison and billing specialist in Pennsylvania’s Topper Medical. Here, he works as a consultant covering topics like hospice and billing companies as well as medical practices. 

He’s also responsible for streamlining the health record processes for Topper. He also teaches at multiple academic institutions as their associate clinical professor. This on top of running a highly successful virtual house call business in PA.


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