Dr Hemachandran Ravikumar signs Agreement with International Aviation Committee for $5-Million Anti-Bird Strike Proposal

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Chennai: Indian Scientist Dr Hemachandrtan Ravikumar Director of N&H Research Park (India’s first Private Space Logical Analytics Research & Development Company) has proposed a project with the International Aviation Committee for a significant threat to flight safety which has caused major losses for the airlines across the world. This proposal involves various nanotechnological based solutions which may make the net profit of the company of around 5 million dollars in the financial year 2022-23.

The proposal for the Anti-Bird Strike Technology (ABST) involves various advancement in the design of the propellers and also the constituent of the materials used in the manufacturing process of the aircraft.  

The  bird strikes have caused a number of accidents with human casualties. There are over 13,000 bird strikes annually in the US alone. However, the number of major accidents involving civil aircraft is quite low and it has been estimated that there is only about 1 accident resulting in human death in one billion (109) flying hours. The majority of bird strikes (65%) cause little damage to the aircraft;however, the collision is usually fatal to the bird(s) involved. The Canada goose has been ranked as the third most hazardous wildlife species to aircraft, with approximately 240 goose-aircraft collisions in the United States each year. 80% of all bird strikes go unreported. Most accidents occur when a bird (or birds) collides with the windscreen or is sucked into the engine of a jet aircraft. These cause annual damages that have been estimated at $400 million within the United States alone and up to $1.2 billion to commercial aircraft worldwide. In addition to property damage, collisions between man-made structures and conveyances and birds is a contributing factor, among many others, to the worldwide decline of many avian species.

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) received 65,139 bird strike reports for 2011–14, and the Federal Aviation Authority counted 177,269 wildlife strike reports on civil aircraft between 1990 and 2015, growing 38% in seven years from 2009 to 2015. Birds accounted for 97% of the damage to the aircraft.

Bird strikes happen most often during takeoff or landing, or during low altitude flight.However, bird strikes have also been reported at high altitudes, some as high as 6,000 to 9,000 m (20,000 to 30,000 ft) above the ground. Bar-headed geese have been seen flying as high as 10,175 m (33,383 ft) above sea level. An aircraft over the Ivory Coast collided with a Rüppell’s vulture at the altitude of 11,300 m (37,100 ft), the current record avian height. The majority of bird collisions occur near or at airports (90%, according to the ICAO) during takeoff, landing and associated phases. According to the FAA wildlife hazard management manual for 2005, less than 8% of strikes occur above 900 m (3,000 ft) and 61% occur at less than 30 m (98 ft).The point of impact is usually any forward-facing edge of the vehicle such as a wing leading edge, nose cone, jet engine cowling or engine inlet.

The force of the impact on an aircraft depends on the weight of the animal and the speed difference and direction at the point of impact. The energy of the impact increases with the square of the speed difference. High-speed impacts, as with jet aircraft, can cause considerable damage and even catastrophic failure to the vehicle. The energy of a 5 kg (11 lb) bird moving at a relative velocity of 275 km/h (171 mph) approximately equals the energy of a 100 kg (220 lb).Bird strikes can damage vehicle components, or injure passengers. Flocks of birds are especially dangerous and can lead to multiple strikes, with corresponding damage. Depending on the damage, aircraft at low altitudes or during take-off and landing often cannot recover in time. US Airways Flight 1549 is a classic example of this.

About N&H Research Park

N & H Research Park is an Indian Privately funded Research and Development Company headquartered in Tamil Nadu,India. It Founded in 2019 Dr Hemachandran Ravikumar, which was started in the motive of eradicating the Logical errors of in that may occur in the experiments related to space.


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