Dr. Gregory Crichlow’s Journey From Humble Beginnings To Becoming Successful

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Dr. Gregory Crichlow has become a household name in the cosmetic surgery industry with his highly innovative practice located in Barbados serving the entire Caribbean region. In this exclusive interview, Dr. Crichlow opens up about how he started his career in aesthetic plastic surgery, how he rose through the ranks, and what his plans are in the coming years.

Humble Beginnings in Barbados

Dr. Gregory Crichlow considers himself lucky by being born to wonderful parents, Lincoln Crichlow, a pastor and a business manager, and Dr. Jennifer Crichlow, an educator. Through his family, especially his dad, he learned several important lessons that he took with him in life.

“My father taught me the importance of developing an intimate relationship with God, the importance of family, the importance of loving people, lessons in leadership, and the importance of living within your means.”

In addition, with his mother’s encouragement he graduated from the world-renowned University of the West Indies, the top medical school in the region, excelling in surgery early on. His parents’ principles also helped him power through the field of plastic surgery, evolving his skill set with a focused completion of several certifications, including general surgery, head and neck surgery, flap reconstruction, and micro surgery. He also completed a world-renowned fellowship in Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery and a Master’s Degree in Aesthetic Surgery in Latin America. Like many long-standing successful members of the profession, Dr. Crichlow continues to engage in CME and for several years has also contributed back to the profession by serving on the faculty of multiple aesthetic and plastic surgery organizations; engaging in research writing articles, teaching, and providing workshops to surgeons who desire to learn his techniques.

Simultaneously, the lessons he learned from his family guided him as he began his practice at AvantBlue Medical Systems in his home country.

What AvantBlue Is All About

“As professionals, women, and even men, are judged by their overall appearance. People assess you based on how you look; more importantly, how we look can have a profound impact on how we feel internally.”

With this belief in mind, Dr. Crichlow’s mission with AvantBlue Medical Systems is to help his clients become the best versions of themselves, both internally and externally. Dr. Crichlow and his team painstakingly take the time to assess their clients’ needs and hand out the safest and most effective solutions possible, both surgical and non-surgical. His company’s services include nonsurgical aesthetics procedures like facial rejuvenation, botox, stem-cell rich autologous nano-fat, and platelet-rich plasma therapy. AvantBlue also offers surgical body makeovers that cater to moms, men, and anyone who wants to stay in shape and look and feel their best.

Adapting to a Changing Business Landscape

The cosmetic surgery industry did not escape the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic on businesses worldwide. But instead of blindly continuing operations amid a health crisis, the Caribbean’s top aesthetic plastic surgeon decided it was time to take a break.

“I used the opportunity to spend time with family, including getting married and having a brand new baby girl. This refreshed and renewed me, and also, I allowed my staff to do the same. We also sought ways to contribute to individuals and the community during the crisis, and we are very grateful to be in a position to do so.”

Thanks to the refreshed outlook, Dr. Crichlow had a clearer perspective when it was time to get back to work. So when he reopened operations, he pivoted toward virtual consultations to assist clients even while on lockdown. Dr. Crichlow said that this allowed them to be more creative and reach their community on a more personal level. As a result, they improved the delivery of their service and are now seeing a significant increase in business amid all the uncertainties.

Dr. Crichlow’s way of operating and the level of success he achieved through it prove that a good work-life balance is crucial in one’s professional life. He describes professional success as a balance of quality of life and family, leading to consistent, high-quality work and breakthrough ideas in the long term. By knowing his priorities, Dr. Gregory Crichlow continues to stay on top of his game as an aesthetic plastic surgeon and family man.

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