Dr. Feily’s special laser method on treating lichen planus Spot has attracted many celebrities all over the world to his recently inaugurated clinic in Oman

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According to international news agencies, Dr. Amir Feily, an Iranian dermatologist and hair transplant surgeon, has lately inaugurated a medical center in Oman.

The opening of this talented and young doctor’s recent clinic in Oman is encountered with excellent public acclaim and reception, Since there were plenty of requests by this country and many more to benefit his skillful methods.

Dr. Amir Feily is also a researcher at Skin and Stem Cell research Center of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, in Iran.
Recently he is getting increasingly famous for his fantastic results in hair transplantation and laser treatment. Particularly in laser of melsama and all type of scar, specially acne scar.
Interestingly by one session laser Dr. Amir Feily has meticulously repaired countless lost tissues and by stimulation of new tissues returned them to their original state.
Besides, by creating the Feily method, he made a considerable change in the field of hair transplantation in the world and brought it to the world record,
Unfortunately, this method has not yet been disclosed by Dr. Feily, and many dermatologists around the world are interested in obtaining this information in treating their patients.

His reputation is spread all over the world, and he always has enormous mounts of patients annually far and wide.
In fact, he has a high academic performance as well as professional dermatology’s experience.
He has published around 100 first-rate articles in dermatology, medicine, and pharmacology.
Dr. Amir Feily is mentioned in the biggest skin and hair articles in the world. He is still patenting his innovations.

He is also the reviewer of many dermatological journals such as British Journal of Dermatology (BJD), International Journal of Dermatology (IJD), Clinical Experimental dermatology(CED), Journal of European Academy of Dermatology (JEADV) etc.

Some of his awards so far were 2013 Global Education Award, granted by International Society of Dermatology (IJD) and Imrich Sarkani Non-European Memorial award Granted By European Academy of Dermatology at 23rd EADV Congress Amsterdam, the Netherlands 2014.

Presently, this expert and dexterous dermatologist is trying to extend his area to heal and treat more patients as possible.
His goal is to make a prettier and happier life for people and help them to feel more comfort with themselves.

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