Boost Your Morning and Nighttime Routine With These 6 Products

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Nothing is worse than being caught in a rut — which is not to be confused with enjoying a healthy and regular morning and nighttime routine. No matter what regimes you adhere to in the wee hours of the morning or as the sun sets in the evening, everyone can benefit from adding something new to the mix.

If you are looking for subtle but effective ways to enhance your look, style, or health routine, you need not look any further. There are dozens of ways to add noticeable improvements in your exterior appearance and how you feel on the inside.

The choices can be overwhelming, so start slow and consider these six products to boost your morning and nighttime routines. You might be amazed at the results.

Morning Routine

Start your day off right with a fresh new addition to your morning routine. Below, you’ll find our favorite easy picks.

1.   Bat an Eye with Lashify

Everyone has a new product or beauty recommendation they swear by for their morning routines. Popular looks are moving away from heavy make-up and towards a natural, healthy, and glowing look. The “less is more” approach is widely popular, even among professional make-up artists.

Adding natural lash extensions from Lashify is the perfect way to make a dramatic change in your look while remaining low maintenance. New technology with an undetectable spin gives lash extensions a fuller but weightless feel, providing more comfort than ever before.

Why natural lash extensions? Take a quiz and see what look length, and style of lash extensions will work best for you. Adding fuller, thicker, and longer lashes can really boost your overall appearance. Maintain your natural beauty by not wearing make-up and simply enhancing what is already there with a lash extension.

2.   Come to Your Scent-ses With the Editorialist

Do you want an easy way to boost your overall look, feel, and style without doing anything visibly different? Consider building up your Replica Perfume Dossier with a little help from the Editorialist. It’s important to remember—we look our best when we feel our best. Adding a customized fragrance that fits your personality will really ramp up your style.

A delicious-smelling perfume can give your confidence a lift, helping you feel more attractive and desirable. Scents can also evoke happy thoughts, giving your overall energy a boost. Any time you enhance your mood, your body will benefit.

Perfumes and scents, like the ones found in certain essential oils, can help with headaches and even improve your ability to fall asleep and rest more easily. While there are some expensive perfumes on the market, the same benefits can be found in more affordable perfumes as well.

The scents that work for you may surprise you, so don’t be afraid to try something bold and new! Overall, a favorable fragrance can be a powerful addition to your essential morning beauty routine.

3.   Gain Power in Orgain Powder

The wonders of powders have overtaken the nutrition world and will usually be mentioned as part of any essential health regime. Still, there is one you may not hear mentioned as often as some of the others: collagen powder, like the ones found at Orgain.

What is collagen powder? According to WebMD, it is the protein in the body that is responsible for healthy joints and the elasticity of the skin. Collagen makes up three-quarters of your skin (the largest organ in your body), as well as a third of your body’s overall protein.

The problem with collagen is that you probably didn’t realize you needed it, and you may not even notice that you are slowly losing it. As we get older, it gets harder for our bodies to produce enough collagen, so it’s necessary to replace it with supplements like collagen powder.

In powder form, collagen can be easily added to your daily diet, free of taste and texture. Simply stir it into any food or drink that you enjoy. If you want to support your joints or strengthen your nails, skin, or hair, collagen can do it all.

As with any supplement, you should always speak to your doctor before changing up your routine to prevent any side effects. Collagen powder may just be the underdog that becomes the hero in the beauty and health world.

Nighttime Routine

Just like you started your day on a high note, you can end your evening with a little TLC. Discover our favorite nighttime self-care products and tips today.

4.   Veritas Farms Remembers Your Dog

Our animals are part of the family, so it’s only natural for their health and wellness to be included in our nighttime routines. Like us, our dogs get stressed out and need a natural remedy for relief. Consider trying a full spectrum CBD oil for dogs from Veritas Farms. Because it is such a flexible solution for your furry friend, it can be used during the day to help ease separation anxiety and also be effective in the evening to help your pet (and you) get some much-needed rest.

Dogs and thunderstorms or fireworks rarely get along, and these loud noises can cause physical stress for your dog. A CBD oil for your dog can help prevent shaking with fear and the need to hide or escape, which can bring injury or physical strain on your pet.

There are several other symptoms that dog CBD has been known to help alleviate as well. Joint discomfort is a big one, especially in larger or senior pets. Cognitive issues in older pets have also improved with the use of CBD. It can even help with itching and multiple other behavioral issues.

In order for your nighttime routine to run smoothly and stress-free, it must also be the same for your pet. If your dog is kept awake all night because of the thunder, you will certainly be awake as well. We all want our animals to feel comfortable and safe. Afterall, their health and happiness contribute to our overall wellness.

5.   Sunmed at Sunset  

An edible for sleep from companies like Sunmed is a science-backed solution for a deeper sleep.

So, what’s the deal with cannabinoids? There are 113 different cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the minors found in high concentrations in hemp. This version can deliver unique health benefits to the body without the side effects caused by THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the major psychoactive component in cannabis – better known as the “high” part of hemp. It is not the same cannabinoid as CBD.

A CBD edible promotes deeper and more restful sleep. We can all be overstimulated by our daily lives. Not only do we have less time to rest, but we also don’t rest well when we do get some shut eye. It is important to factor meaningful and deliberate sleep into our nighttime routine.

Those that benefit from edible sleep gummies will tell you that CBD products are good for more than just a sleeping aide. According to a poll by Forbes Health, the most highly used form of non-THC cannabinoids are gummies or other edibles. CBD has been shown to offset depression and anxiety. Those that suffer from PTSD have also concluded that CBD has lessened their symptoms.

Overall, if you have trouble sleeping, or have certain medical issues that may be preventing you from a proper rest, you may consider adding edibles for sleep into your nighttime routine.

6.   Sleep in eLuxury

As children, we actively avoided the area underneath our beds — and for good reason. After all, that was where the monsters popped out from in the middle of the night. As adults, however, we grow up and realize that our beds are actually our haven. They are the place we want to crash at the end of a hard day, and we want them to be luxurious. A wood bed frame  from eLuxury is a great place to start when building your sleep sanctuary.

The debate over the best mattress can be saved for another article. A lot of oversight occurs in relation to one’s bed frame. You may not realize it, but the bed frame is just as important to the overall comfort and feel of your bed as the mattress, linens, and pillows. It is also a critical component in the life and effectiveness of your mattress itself.

If you put your mattress directly on the floor without a bed frame, you are lacking a support base for the mattress, which can cause it to perform in a lesser capacity. It will damage quicker than without resting on a bed frame, and it may cause your warranty to be voided if it needs to be replaced due to damage.

Unless you live in an RV or tiny house, it is less than ideal to climb in and out of a mattress that is kept on the floor. Not to mention it will get dirtier faster, and linens won’t exactly “fit.”

A wood bed frame is a classic and modern look at the same time and will compliment any décor. You can easily add a luxurious sleep to your nighttime routine with a personalized wood bed frame that will not only support your mattress, but your goal for a perfect night’s sleep every time.


To boost your morning or nighttime routine, you don’t necessarily have to make drastic changes to your existing one. The point is not to add to the complexity of your life, but to simplify and improve upon it.

Start with how you look and feel. If you are naturally putting your best and most confident self forward, all it takes for a boost is a little extension of the beauty you already have. Highlight your best features! It’s not important that others know the source of your confidence—subtleness is key and can be your little secret.

Eliminating stress in your life wherever possible is always a great way to boost your energy and routine. Take good care of your pet’s and your own stress and anxiety levels by making sure you have a natural and effective way to help you cope. Don’t let controversy over what is misunderstood stand in the way of you achieving your best self. Empower yourself with the facts and determine if it’s something that is right for you.

Finally, splurge on your comfort! Yes, you need a sleep sanctuary, and having a comfortable place to rest is the most important aspect! It may take you a little time to find the perfect combination of lighting, linens, mattress frame and accessories, but it is time well spent.

Try one or all of these six products and see what works in your routine. Can you think of others to add that you’ve been meaning to try for a while? Don’t stop here — keep experimenting with new products because that is the best way to determine what works for you.


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