Are You a Tepezza User? Here’s everything about Tepezza lawsuits

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If you or anyone in your family is suffering from Thyroid Eye Disease, also known as TED, a doctor must have recommended Trepezza infusion. But, controversies around this prescribed medicine and increasing Tepezza hearing loss lawsuits may have left you anxious and uncertain.

If you are a Tepezza user and want to know more about the controversy surrounding this popular treatment, you need to read further. 

What is Tepezza?

Trepezza is used to treat Thyroid Eye Disease(TED). FDA approved Trepezza for medical infusion in January 2020 with an orphan approval, usually given to drugs that treat rare diseases or diseases that do not have other treatment methods. 

It is the only available treatment for TED. Thus, due to the limited available methods, doctors recommend Trepezza to treat TED symptoms like eye pain, redness, blurry and double vision. 

What are Tepezza lawsuits?

People who have been using Tepezza for a long time have suffered severe side effects. These side effects have caused them significant mental and financial stress. Thus, many of them have approached the court to seek compensation. People claimed that neither they nor the doctor prescribing it was aware of its side effects. That is why, with regular infusion, the symptoms become more and more severe, in some cases, permanent.

Some of the most common side effects of Tepezza are dry skin, hair loss, blurred vision, dry eyes, nausea, diarrhea, tinnitus, and loss of hearing. The severity of these side effects depends on the patient and for how long they have received Trepezza infusion. 

People who suffer from tinnitus or hearing loss have taken the help of a personal injury attorney and filed a Tepezza hearing loss lawsuit against its manufacturers. 

Why file a Tepezza lawsuit?

If you or a family member of yours has suffered through any of the side effects of using Tepezza, then a Tepezza lawsuit can help you get the compensation you deserve with the help of the right attorney. 

People suffering from hearing loss and tinnitus can seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain, suffering, and decreased quality of life. These side effects impact not just your finances but your life as well. Therefore, you are eligible for compensation to make the best out of the unfortunate situation. 

Here are situations where you can file a Tepezza lawsuit to seek compensation. 

Tepezza hearing loss

Many studies have concluded that with the use of Tepezza, many people have experienced difficulty in hearing or complete hearing loss. While in some cases, the side effects went away, in some, there was permanent hearing loss. 

In addition to the expensive medical bills, some people suffered extreme changes in their quality of life. Permanent hearing loss has also caused many people to lose their jobs. The first Tepezza hearing loss lawsuit was filed in August 2022 by Denial Weibel in the Northern District of Illinois. After that, many people followed and filed a case against the manufacturers of Trepezza after suffering permanent hearing loss.

So, if you have suffered a similar fate due to using Tepezza, you can go ahead by filing a Trepezza hearing lawsuit with the help of a personal injury attorney.

Tepezza Induced Tinnitus

Another significant side effect of using Tepezza is tinnitus or ringing in the ear. Similarly, many people experienced the symptoms resolved in a few months after stopping the use of Trepezza. Whereas in some cases, the symptoms were permanent.

Do you qualify for a Tepezza lawsuit?

You qualify for a Tepezza lawsuit if you have taken Tepezza for treating Thyroid Eye Disease(TED) and experienced side effects like permanent or persistent hearing loss or tinnitus. 

To file a Tepezza lawsuit, a lawyer will determine a few factors. 

  • When and for how long have you used Tepezza?
  • The number of infusions or treatments you had before stopping the usage. 
  • What symptoms and types of hearing problems you experienced during or after the treatment? 
  • When did a doctor diagnose you with Tepezza-related side effects?
  • Have you taken treatment for the symptoms and side effects caused by the use of Tepezza?

These factors will determine whether you qualify for a Tepezza lawsuit and the chances of getting compensation for your claim.  

Hiring a Tepezza lawsuit attorney

To file a Tepezza lawsuit, you need to hire an attorney with experience and expertise in Tepezza lawsuits. With the right attorney, you can seek considerable compensation for your injuries and the much-needed closure on the entire ordeal. 

Find the right attorney with the help of referrals and online research. You can determine their ability by their experience and the record of similar cases. 

Wrapping up

If you are using Tepezza to treat TED symptoms, you must be aware of its side effects. If you are experiencing symptoms similar to the ones mentioned above, then it is time for you to concern a medical professional. By filing a Tepezza lawsuit, you can ensure your damages for your injuries are compensated. So, if you have been experiencing the side effects and it has affected you in many ways, you must contact an attorney to make the best out of this unfortunate situation. 


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