All You Need to Know About the Omicron Variant

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The Coronavirus has made headlines again through the Omicron variant. A strain is known to be several times more transmissible than the Delta virus. 

The emerging strain has already started to spread widespread panic. This has led to countries shutting down flights and borders. Despite the confirmation, scientists have yet to define its real impact on the health of the infected. 

News of the new strain emerged from South Africa. Several countries have responded by canceling flights from the African nation. The list includes the US and the UK. 

Despite emergency measures, the list of countries reporting cases of the Omicron variant increases. In addition to South Africa, Australia, Canada, and several European nations reported confirmed cases. 

France currently suffers from the fifth wave, with more than 31,000 cases reported on Sunday. Most of whom have been admitted into intensive care units (ICUs). 

South Africa has asked the world community to refrain from stringent measures until confirmation of its deadliness. A South African doctor has even said that the symptoms caused by an Omicron infection are mild and may not even require a visit to the hospital. 

The South African Medical Association head, Dr. Angelique Coetzee, said that infected patients showed no indications of loss of smell, taste, or drop in oxygen levels. He indicated that the strain remains less dangerous than the Delta variant. 

However, the experience of the rapid spread of COVID-19 and the priority of protecting their population is pushing nations worldwide into isolation mode. 

The effects of the lockdowns had just begun wearing off. With the holiday season close by, the world was only just working towards normalcy. The Omicron variant has again caused widespread panic. 

Future decisions will depend on how detrimental the Omicron strain is to human health. And how quickly the medical and scientific communities relay optimal modes of treatment. 


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