If your bedroom has lost its passion and your marriage is on the brink of destruction, it can be easy to think that you need to spend hours talking about your feelings to your wife.

In reality, the secret to getting your marriage and sex life back on track does not take two. According to Marriage Reset coach Cass Morrow, it only takes one.

Cass knows this better than anyone because he’s been in the deep end of toxic relationships:

“Everyone thinks they are the only person experiencing something. Truth is, even though we all have different stories, trauma, and triggers, we all display the same symptoms.”

For Cass, his triggers can be traced back to his childhood. His parents were emotionally neglectful, never showing him love, respect, or affection. As a result, Cass started to search desperately for validation anywhere he could find it – and the first place was romantic relationships.

Cass’s anger would rear its head in every relationship – and in his mind, it was always the other person’s fault. 

When Cass met his wife, Kathryn, he thought he was set. They even got married after 30 days! But his old behaviour kept following him, and soon things got worse than they ever had before.

As Cass says:

“With Kathryn, things got as bad as they can without getting physical. I was constantly screaming and so insecure, which resulted in her checking out. We had a sexless marriage – the sex was completely unenjoyable for us both.”

Things got so bad that at one point, Kathryn got a restraining order against Cass after he destroyed the house during a fight. 

It was at this point, after 37 years of intense anger, Cass hit rock bottom. Things needed to change.

“I started thinking ‘If she doesn’t want me, am I this amazing guy I think I am?’. This made me focus and I started reading everything, taking courses, and trying to fix myself.”

Anger management and therapy were the starting point. Once Cass started showing that he really had changed, things got better – and Kathryn started working on herself too. 

“Repair the damage on your side first. It takes one to stop the defensiveness, stop lashing out, and stop being so angry. Once you start recognising the symptoms, you can process what is happening and change your behaviour.”

Now, Cass is dedicating his life to helping other men bring their dead bedrooms back to life and regain the passion, intimacy, and connection in their marriage. More importantly, he helps men live up to the person they’ve always wanted to be.

“Think of yourself as a sports car. We’ll put all the parts in place to make you a racing machine. Your wife is like your racing stripe – the icing on the cake because you’re finally the man you always wanted to be. And you’re the man your wife has dreamed of – so you can start pressing her sex buttons and have the bedroom fun you’ve always wanted.”

How does Cass do this? 

He offers a Marriage Reset program where men learn what needs to be addressed and how to change their behaviour in just eight weeks.

“The program includes assessments that cover how much of a man you are, how attractive you are, the leader you are – all things your wife is turned on by.”

The real secret to the success of the program though, is accountability and support from other men.

Men often feel like they can’t talk about what they’re going through as they need to be alpha males all the time. Coupled with the fact that a lot of coaches tell men that the answer is toxic behaviour and making your wife feel invisible, it’s obvious why many husbands never get out of the anger cycle.

The program includes a supportive group of like-minded men, A safe space for confidential and deep conversations – stopping you stop lashing out at home.

Here is what a few of Cass’s clients have to say:

“Knowing a group of men with similar experiences and a common goal are there to listen to your issues and provide practical advice so you can keep focused on improving yourself, provides hope and encouragement when you need it most.”

“I would have given up on my marriage by now without this great group of men.”

More than anything, Cass wants to show you that things can change – and it takes one to make it happen.

“Kathryn and I should not be together. But here we are – happier than ever. We are proof that you CAN make it through the hardest times – but it starts with you.”

You can find out more about Cass Morrow and the Marriage Reset program at ryancassmorrow.com.


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