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The company that has been quietly amassing an impressive collection of partnerships, clients and personnel is the Paragon Universe, also known in the industry as Paragon VTOL. The Paragon Universe is owned by Jamaican American and Purdue University drop out student athlete Dwight Thanos Smith who goes by Thanos. Thanos has lived a life of success and failures from finance, mentoring, packaging to developing patented diversion chemicals and processes for the oil and gas sector. Thanos created Paragon VTOL to solve issues related to traffic congestion using his eVTOL, also known as electrical vertical take-off and landing, aircraft.

Thanos Smith comes from the American success story as an immigrant that grew up in the American school system since 3rd grade. He struggled with dyslexia and ADD which was diagnosed after high school. Thanos barely graduated from high school with a cumulative grade point average of 1.789 and at the bottom one percent of his class. Thanos has been building multiple industries of interdependencies that are propelling Thanos to an elite group of the upper one percent of the more than eight billion people on the planet.

Thanos has been obsessed with building aircraft since he was six years old when he built his first glider aircraft and launched it with a fellow neighbor on board. He flew single prop planes in his high school class and was obsessed with marine biology. His background in aviation, and marine biology, and his adaptive learning style have had a profound influence on the companies within the Paragon Universe to the propel them to the forefront of innovation and sustainability. Paragon VTOL is currently developing a 9-passenger VTOL to transport future passengers hundreds of miles using its proprietary technologies. Plans are underway to seek FAA certification once the technologies currently in use within the Paragon Universe meets or exceeds the companies’ expectations. The various companies have been developing a portfolio of patented and patent pending technology within multiple sectors. Some of the products of note range from carbon free energy to materials that melt ice on exterior surfaces, electrical current that is transmitted throughout the airframe that reduces the battery requirement by as much as ninety percent.

Thanos is working with world-leading auto manufacturers and molders to reduce airframe production from weeks to minutes using their proprietary materials that will significantly increase the strength of the airframe but also generate up to ten times the power of the battery source for extended range, lower operating cost, and zero environmental impact. The various subsidiaries were created to support Paragon VTOL when Thanos recognized that infrastructure and support systems were inadequate for eVTOL sustainability.

Thanos owns GTEC, Green Tech Energy Company, where disruptive green energy is created. GTEC has a product they are calling the Opulentus. It is a hybrid graphene, nanoparticle substrate that has proven successful with rubber, metals, concrete to provide increased strength, durability, electrical conductivity at a cost-effective price point that is made in America.

He owns Clearport Worldwide to develop supportive infrastructure that are equivalent to a mini airport for local communities using his Opulentus technology for affordable green power genera=on. Clearport is developing sustainable infrastructure and the basis for multi-modal transportation hubs for next gen mobility. Clearport technology can increase road or highway strength for mass transit and long-haul transit from a 4,000 psi to over 10,000 psi which represents the amount of weight a road can support. The increased strength will enable these new smart roads to become virtually impervious to potholes for many years reducing consumer unfavourability associated with construction season. The material can also be upgraded to melt ice on smart roadways and bridges cost-effectively at the push of a button. Lastly, the Clearport technology is developing an upgrade addition to wirelessly charge vehicles that maintain contact with the smart road surface affordably.

Thanos created NV Motor Group to develop affordable EV for last mile commute within cities for non-highway commute from his Clearports known as the NVl two passenger EV. From what we know, the company plans to unveil a four passenger EV this summer with state-of-the-art technology currently in use within the Paragon Universe. The NVll will have one of the longest range for EV’s for highway and local travel. It will incorporate ice-melting technology on the exterior, an auto industry first battery warming technology to reduce the rate of battery discharge when the EV is parked outside in cold weather for extended periods of time. The Opulentus powered vehicle will lower the battery size requirement by as much as ninety percent. The ice melting technology is incorporated into an efrunk which will store hot food and hot beverages for up to seven hours and lastly the NVll, with the tax rebates, will sell within the twenty-thousand-dollar range. There is also significant interest with the NVll because, the company is developing a smart tire that when synched with the NVll smart frame will extend the range of the EV while it is driving.

Paragon’s partnerships with Siemens, Rolls Royce, Dash EV that partnered with Paragon with technology built at Roush Racing, Sirqul led by the technical co-Founder of AWS, Baker Energy owned by Dusty Baker of the Houston Astros, and many others are attributed to Thanos’ ability to bring decision makers, to companies and tech to serve a higher purpose. The company has partnered with academia and plans to hire up to ninety percent of its workforce through academia particularly focusing on millennials and generation Z. Thanos is adamant that those two demographics are the Future of Everything. Virginia Union University (VUU) led by Dr. Hakim Lucas purchased the initial inventory of NVl EV for faculty and eventually students. VUU has partnered with the Paragon Universe to build a research and innovation center on their campus as recently announced in a published white paper and podcast.

We look forward to learning and witnessing the rise of what appears to be another great American success story. To learn more about the company visit www.paragonvtol.com to subscribe for latest news and updates.


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