WearU is slowly bridging the gap between the virtual domain and reality through the smart use of the Blockchain for the Fashion Industry:

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The fashion industry has seen one of the most dominant progression compared to any industry in terms of technological implementation. Starting from the shift to online shopping streams to having native applications from which users can make purchases, the industry has seen dominant progression. Now, the industry is slowly upscaling to the implementation of big tech like the blockchain to improve its customer experience and WearU is a dominant example of it. 

WearU platform:

WearU is one of its kind revolutionary decentralized marketplace that is built for fashion brands, retailers, wholesalers, and individual artists to connect with their consumers like never before. Powered by the combined technology of cloud and blockchain, the complete metaverse-based marketplace has the power and capacity to host more than 1000 customers at a time. 

Seamless Integration, Robust Architecture:

Any fashion business, be it big or small, can seamlessly merge with the platform through the 3rd party APIs available within the platform. This will give businesses on the platform the ulterior advantage of getting close to their customers like never before and at the same time provide them with an amazing shopping experience. 

Native Utility Token:

The best of the blockchain is seen in the architecture of the native utility token of the platform, the WRU token. The WRU token, which is a BEP-20 standard token, packs one of the most sophisticated architectural designs that is powered using AI smart engines coupled with machine learning. This intelligent culmination helps in using the standard smart contracts on the blockchain efficiently, making the complete performance of the platform 1024 times faster than any other marketplace. Apart from having the latest and the best that the blockchain has to offer, the project also enables the users to create and transact using NFTs on the platform. 

Security Aspects:

This powerhouse ecosystem is also combined with the best security protocols offering additional support for Multi-Factor authentication and FaceID for the native wallets available within the system. 


The main feature that is attracting a wide range of businesses in the fashion industry to WearU is its one-of-a-kind 3-D scanner on the blockchain, VirtuScan. VirtuScan enables users to scan the 3-D model of their apparel and gives them the flexibility of adjusting the hue, contrast, and saturation to give the consumers the look and feel of the actual product. The virtuscan can render 3-D models of the scanned products within seconds and upload them to the cloud giving businesses an option to maintain a digital portfolio on the blockchain. The complete ecosystem gives the user the flexibility of uploading and maintaining 1000 designs at a time. VirtuScan is designed and patented for speed, reliability, and accuracy. 

The platform is also integrated with one of the most efficient support systems that are being led by the best minds of the crypto world to ensure the operational reliability of the system. 


Out of the many integrated and out-of-the-box standard features available within the ecosystem, the tokenomics of the native token of the platform is what sets the complete project apart. Tokenomics is designed to create supply and demand of the token in the market and at the same time ensure token and utility circulation. 

The total supply of the token is around 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion) and the rate per BUSD (Binance USD) is fixed at 1666.67 WRU and will be capped at a maximum transaction limit of 3000 BUSD per wallet. Every transaction in the ecosystem is tax-free, making it a reliable option of digital currency for trade within the ecosystem. The public sale of the token is going live on June 22nd, 2022 on their native website and all the purchased tokens will be airdropped after the PCS event. 

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