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Watch Games TV Wins the Social Media Game with Luxury Rolex Watches Giveaway

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Imagine scrolling through social media and getting rewarded for it – with a Rolex watch, no less. Thanks to social media celeb Watch Games TV, two (very) lucky people had the chance to live this once-in-a-lifetime experience. All that the giveaway participants had to do was follow a few simple steps and wait for the results. While most brands and social media influencers give merch of dog treats in giveaways, this star YouTuber decided to go above and beyond and surprise his subscribers. And surprise his followers, he did!

Giveaways usually look something like this: A brand or influencer announces a contest where they will give prizes to a few lucky participants. Some giveaways can even ask users for participation fees, but that is not the rule for every giveaway. Prizes given away can be monetary compensations or products/services. It is all very subjective to the account hosting the giveaway, and the prize they choose is based entirely on them. While most giveaways generate substantial attention, with a few hundred people participating in one, it is giveaways like Watch Games TV’s that manage to disrupt the news cycle on a global scale.

In the case of this giveaway, it all started with an unassuming video. Next came the contest announcement along with the rules for participation. As the giveaway came to a close, Watch Games TV declared the two lucky winners of brand-new Rolex watches, with one timepiece going at an average price of $12,000.

“I want to surprise my followers with prizes they couldn’t normally walk into a store and purchase themselves. While I can reward myself with gifts like my $84,000 watch, I have come to understand that my reality is far removed from that of most people. If I am capable of it, I thought, why not give my dearest fans a taste of the same kind of luxury?”

Watch Games TV was spot on with his assessment – fans were thrilled at his announcement, and the news of the giveaway spread like wildfire. “I am a long-time follower of Watch Games TV, and as soon as the giveaway video came out, I was up and running, doing exactly as the video asked. I was so psyched about it, and I ended up sharing it with a few of my friends, hoping at least if any of us might hit the jackpot.”, said an excited subscriber.

Launched seven years ago, the YouTube channel has garnered monumental media attention over the years with uniquely entertaining content. Meticulously put together, the channel now has videos with upwards of 2 million views each.

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