Ventura Wealth Club to revolutionise the investment space

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Ventura Wealth Club, based out of Canary Wharf, recently opened its doors to public investors. Achieving great success on its first week the innovative Club aims to have multi seven figure assets under management by the end of 2022. Bringing in a new era of investment opportunities, backed by a forward-thinking strategy and advanced algorithmic trading software. Ventura builds the bridge between retail level accessibility and hedge fund level expertise.

Ventura Wealth Club has launched two innovative systems – High-Frequency Trading System 1.0 and Blockchain Noding System- stated to revolutionise the investment space. “Both our systems are regularly stress tested to ensure our customer’s investments remain safe and are backed by resilient strategy. Ventura Wealth Club investors have been growing their capital by an average of 10.5% per month since 2019,” said Christopher Howard, Founder of Ventura Wealth Club.

Both the systems are gaining popularity as they provide investors with game changing returns; for instance, the HFT System 1.0 provides an average monthly profit of 16.46% without taking compound interest into account. All strategies are validated on historical data and on the superior order execution that’s offered by a trading computer, thus, making algorithmic trading software a profitable platform.

“Algorithmic trading is where the industry is going. As time goes on more and more hedge funds allocate more of their liquidity to algorithmic trading software, upon launch Ventura Wealth Club received more than 250 enquiries wanting to know more about our service which shows the genuine interest.” Christopher added. One of the impressive features of Ventura Wealth Club is privacy. The company cannot access its customers’ funds; it only connects its systems with the client’s trading account.

The future of www.venturawealthclub.com appears bright, whilst bringing in new investors everyday, Ventura looks to expand the services it provides. Bringing in a new algorithm in the following few months which consists of a portfolio of 15 institutionally used trading strategies all operating under one algorithm. This gives investors the opportunity to utilise algorithmic trading potential in a safe manner.

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