Vama Gaur: Ex-Deputy Commandant, Entrepreneur, Mrs India 2018 finalist, Author and a social activist

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Women are multifarious when it comes to various genres of life. Such an example of versatility is Deputy Commandant Vama Gaur (Retd.) She is an alumnus of Indian Naval Academy. An Officer from the aviation branch of Indian Coast Guard, she is a versatile senior management professional with gratifying service contribution of over 8 years’ in Indian Coast Guard predominantly in the areas of procurement, supply chain management, budgeting, operations management, event management and general administration. She possesses broad based competencies in handling Air Traffic Control operations for flight clearances, arrival and departure in the assigned air space. An executive MBA in HR and Event Management, she has opened her channels phenomenally for training and recruitment.

After hanging her boots, she transitioned into an entrepreneur and an Author. She co-founded a mobile application called ‘Hapster’ for the homemakers. This digital application shall enable one to boost their home-based ventures through convenient business tools and advertising platforms. It shall help the talented homemakers to create an identity for themselves, use an extensive platform for home businesses like home parlours, home bakeries etc running on social media platforms as well as gain more customers. The app shall launch initially in Kolkata by Jul22 and spread its wings eventually, pan India.

An avid reader who continued penning down periodic journals capturing daily events as diary logs eventually turned into her first book. “Heels, books and casuals” is a contemporary fiction available on Amazon published by Rumour Publishing House. It is about a young girl transitioning into a fiery, strong headed officer of the armed forces. This is an absolute must read and is already talk of the tinsel town. Her next book ‘The Mughal Harem’, a historical fiction is already out internationally and will be making it rounds soon in physical stores. “It is about the dwellers of the forbidden place and fact-based secret stories left untold in the Mughal era that shall leave you mesmerized with a touch of fictitious surprise” stated the author when asked. A perfect blend of facts and fiction, a mix of romance, lust for power and ambition of harem women is what describes the book perfectly.

Vama, apart from being an armed forces veteran, an entrepreneur and a writer, has also walked the ramp for Mrs. India Queen of Substance Pageant in the year 2018 and was judged Mrs. India Photogenic. In her spare time, she imparts values and English lessons to the underprivileged children at Patharghata NGO.

Married to an airline pilot and blessed with a 2 year old daughter, she constantly manages to balance her work and personal profile effectively. When it comes to fun, she loves to go globe trotting and has covered around 10 countries so far. A party freak by nature, she loves to mingle and is a planner when it comes to socializing. Her current interest can be deemed as modelling and a mentorship coach which shall allow her to offer wings to ambitious trainees. She is never selective about what comes her way and passionately carries it off to make her mark.

“Life is limitless, what we create for ourselves are limitations!” she says for all. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vamagaur/

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