Top Lessons You Can Learn From Actor/ Musician Bryan Arion’s Story

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When you go through bad experiences in the pursuit of career success, there are

always lessons to take home. Such experiences or failures can be disappointing,

and you can face difficulties coping with the setbacks. But, rather than lose hope, you should use them as lessons to move forward.

Bryan Arion is a Mexican actor and musician based in Los Angeles, California. His journey to Hollywood, however, portrays a passionate person who endured harrowing experiences to become who he is today. Born in Chilpancingo, Guerrero, Mexico, Bryan moved to North Carolina, with his mother when he was five. Guerrero is a very poor and violent state and among the most dangerous places in the world. Bryan’s family was greatly affected by the violence in the region and lived in constant fear.

Fortunately, Bryan and his mother managed to escape. After living in the U.S. for some time, they were able to acquire citizenship and had the opportunity to travel around the world experiencing different religions, cultures, and people. His mother was an aspiring actress herself when she was younger and passed her love of the arts onto him. He began his acting career performing on stage at the early age of eight. Bryan was very involved in mixed martial arts and won numerous MMA tournaments in his adolescence

As Edward Young quotes, “On every thorn, delightful wisdom grows. In every rill, a sweet instruction flows.” Bryan believes there’s always a lesson to be learned in everything you experience. “Because of my upbringing, my family’s history, and going back and experiencing Mexico every year after living in the U.S. I learned that everything you undergo teaches you a lesson.”

According to Bryan, wise lessons might not immediately catch your attention during difficult moments, but they will become very profound realizations once you’re ready to understand them. With the insight that time provides, you can accept the situation and be brave enough to let go of anger and bitterness. Only then, with an impartial point of view, wise lessons can be drawn from the things that happened to you, increasing your knowledge about the important wisdom about life.

“My family had no money, came from nothing, no one from where I’m from expected a kid like me to be in commercials, music videos, or TV shows; you either get into crime or work a low-paying job there. The minimum wage is $8 a day in Mexico,” adds Bryan.

Bryan has the utmost respect for his mother and grandmother for molding him to be who he is today. In the future, he hopes to still be acting and also own a production company. He also aspires to honor his grandmother by making a move and writing a book about her life.

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