The Inspiring Story Behind Jerusha Couture

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Most big brands we know today started small. Hermès began in 1837 when its founder created a small shop that specialized in making harnesses for French noblemen. Gucci began as a high-quality luggage manufacturer. Chanel gained their reputation, initially, as a hat boutique, with their hats being worn by celebrated French actresses. Ralph Lauren, while working as a sales assistant, began to sell ties in the late 1960s, leading to his brand which grossed $6.2 billion in 2021.

All of the big names most certainly had their hardships. However, their stories, journeys, and the lessons they learned along the way wouldn’t be available to us if it weren’t for fashion enthusiasts and bloggers.

The fashion industry is not necessarily one known for its transparency, but fashion blogs can provide insight into this fascinating world. Australian luxury fashion blogger Jerusha Couture is aware of this and knows how to communicate this complex world to her audience.

With a following of over 200,000 luxury fashion enthusiasts, Jerusha discusses current fashion industry trends and luxury products. She closely analyzes the industry and its trends to present her audience with the best content possible. Jerusha investigates, recommends, and debates fashion-related experiences and views on her various social media platforms, frequently posting blogs with commentary that tackles trendy topics.

However, for Jerusha Couture, things haven’t always been about success. A near-fatal car crash left Couture with life-long injuries. Thankfully, she recovered and she found new inspiration to pursue her dream of being an Australian fashion designer with her fashion brand.

At that time, YouTube and Instagram were just starting to kick off, so she began documenting her journey of building a brand. “I realized that the best way to sell my clothing line was to tell my story. At first, I thought of just doing a blog; however, I loved chatting face to face with people, so I started to vlog instead.”

Couture hit the bullseye with this approach, allowing her to build a genuine connection with her followers and granting her more exposure. While being fluent in luxury fashion helped her immensely, Couture believes that the real reason for her success is that the audience recognized her genuine approach. As she puts it, “I’m an Aussie and we are as real as you get! No BS, in other words. I call it how I see it. Being real on the internet today is so rare. The fact that I haven’t changed my drive, love of fashion, and humor toward it makes me relatable.”

Looking to the future, Jerusha Couture is focused on her followers, or “subbies” as she affectionately calls them, and working with brands that she truly admires, such as Net-a-Porter, LVMH, and Sephora.

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