The Curious Case of PED1NE

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It was in 2021 when I first came upon a music track called Flying in the Dream. I was at one of the local clubs in Los Angeles with some of my friends when the music suddenly caught my attention. It had all the elements that I looked for in a good music track: the buildup was just fine; you know a good artist from the way they introduce their art to you. The first few seconds caught my attention and kept me guessing for what was coming next. The rhythm was subtle but playful; you don’t want club music to throw you on the dance floor, you want it to tease you into dancing. And finally, it used the element of suspense very well; that last minute of the track, carried more drama than an entire episode of Days of Our Lives. Just kidding!

I started asking around for the artist. Imagine being at a crowded club at Saturday night where you can barely move, trying to reach the DJ booth. If there is one thing that you should know about me is that once I put my mind on something, no one can stop me. Needless to say, I got to the DJ booth and I met the DJ, he was PED1NE. This article is dedicated to his musical genius.

Who is PED1NE?

Pedram Nematzadeh, known as PED1NE, was born in 1992, in Tehran, the capital of Iran. He began his musical career as a DJ in 2014. His original musical genre is Electronic House Music. While dedicating his music to the German Electronic Music, DJ PED1NE has managed to enter the realm of German Deep House music and has produced multiple musical tracks in this genre as well.

The Nature of PED1NE’s Music

PED1NE’s music falls in line with the Tech House music. While honoring its links to the classical nature of deep house music, DJ PED1NE’s music holds up the vision of a future that is far brighter and more versatile in the Electronic House music. His music brings together multiple musical genres, including Techno and Melodic house and introduces a new chapter into Electro House music that has been explored by very few artists in the musical industry.

What makes PED1NE stand out among his peers is his grasp on the nature of the music both in the East and the West. Moreover, he knows how to incorporate the traditional Eastern musical instruments in his progressive music which is something that no other DJ has done so effortlessly. In his track Sight of Love, PED1NE has incorporated the elements of Eastern music by using Darbuka, a Turkish musical instrument that adds a new layer to the music’s texture. As the label suggests, this is a song about love. It begins with the powerful voice of Hamidreza Torkashvandwho brings about a delicate presence to the song. The love story starts by a poem by Salman Savoji, famous Persian poet of 20th century, “Love is all that lies between my heart and soul/ and now that I don’t have my love, no joy lies between my heart and soul”. The delicate voice of Torkash with the musical genius of PED1NE is a match made in heaven.

PED1NE knows how to add life to his music by using different plug-ins and instruments. His knowledge of the latest developments in the Electronic House Music and his grasp on FL Studio 20, has led to outstanding musical tracks such as Poison Vibe that while being ahead of its time, sounds like a perfect choice for the dance floor.

What Lies Ahead for PED1NE?

Most recently he has released an album called RED Face; it has four tracks called Black OpalFake DreamRed Face, and Metaroma. PED1NE has collaborated on this album with Taimaz Etaati. Furthermore, PED1NE has produced this album in the Melodic House and Techno genre. It seems like there is no limit for this guy. He has ventured in almost all musical genres when it comes to Electronic music and continues to develop his music to encompass even more genres. He knows where to start a story and where to end it within a music track to make the listener tuning in for more. As far as the Electronic music is concerned, PED1NE is always one step ahead of his peers. 


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