Smart Business Ideas for Instagram Reels

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As Instagram has grown, the platform has continually added new features and tools and tweaked existing ones for continual improvement. Users of Instagram can post photos, videos, Stories, and Reels. Being able to post content in a variety of ways helps to boost engagement, and increases the chance of going viral.

The average user spends 53 minutes a day on Instagram, with 8.8% spending over 5 hours. They are likely to be 34 or under as this covers the largest user group. The 25 to 34-year age group makes up over 30% of all active users. According to Facts.net, 71% of users on Instagram are under the age of 35.

This age demographic may account for why Instagram decided to launch Reels in 2020. As TikTok grew to be the most downloaded app, other social media networks decided to emulate the option to provide fast, short video content.

Video has been shown to create more engagement than text or photos, and as a marketing tool, it offers far more possibilities.

What are Instagram Reels?

Reels are short-form video content that can be added to Instagram accounts to entertain, promote, or communicate with a following. A creator working on a new Reel will have access to a variety of tools for editing, plus filters, and a music library.

Reels can be inserted into stories or posted as they are. Reels offer far more creative options than simple videos, and they are designed to be more immersive.

How long do Instagram Reels last?

They were originally designed to be just 60 seconds. This short-form content pushes creators to be more inventive and creative with their videos. And, it fits with the high bounce rates and short attention span of internet users. Now, Instagram has increased the length to 90 seconds. Unlike Stories, Reels aren’t deleted after 24 hours and they can be saved.

Creators can download their reels easily by clicking on the 3 dot menu on the Reel, but saving other users’ videos on the platform means that they can disappear at a later date if deleted by the owner.

If you want to download Instagram reels video to your device for permanent safe-keeping then you will need to use a third-party app to do so. This is not illegal as long as you don’t intend to use other people’s creations for commercial reasons. But you could learn something from studying other creators’ work, and this can then help your brand.

How can Instagram Reels help a business to grow?

It has already been mentioned that videos receive more engagement than different content. The fact is that these videos get over 21% more engagement than standard photo posts.

Viewers retain far more information from a video than they do from reading text content, and they stay on the page longer. A video can help a brand establish its personality through video and make it clear to the audience what they are about, and who they are.

Increased engagement leads to a bigger following, and in turn higher brand awareness. This organic growth is what all Instagram account holders strive for and is far better than using bots or fake followers.

What are some smart ideas for Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels offer creators the chance to make immersive videos that could potentially go viral. For influencers and small businesses, there is the potential to monetize this content if eligible, but Reels give plenty of options for producing entertaining videos.

Instagram has been adding new features regularly, and last year it tested a feature to notify users of service interruptions. Reels are just another great feature that is allowing users to get more out of the platform. Here below are a few ideas you could use for your Reels.


One of the most popular forms of content on streaming channels is how-to guides and tutorials. Informative videos are highly popular and are the third most popular niche on YouTube.

Before and after videos

For certain niches such as fitness and beauty, a before and after video can clearly show improvements made from products or exercise.

Go behind the scenes

Instagram lets brands connect with their customers in a way that alternative advertising cannot. Letting your audience go behind-the-scenes could create a more personal link.

Use your employees

Another way to connect further with your followers is to get your employees involved in your content. Let your employees take the helm on some of the Reels and your audience can get to know them too

Inspiring messages

If your brand is involved in something that could inspire others then make a Reel about it. This could be about recycling, the environment, mental well-being, or anything that is close to your heart and could inspire others.

Use a guest influencer

As an Instagram user, you will be aware that influencers and businesses partner up for growth. You could ask an influencer to guest on your Reels to form a collaboration. This will attract the influencer’s followers to visit your account.

Run giveaways

Users on Instagram love giveaways, and these are the perfect way to get a higher engagement rate. Users will tell their friends and comment on Reels that are involved in giveaways or competitions.


You could also make blooper Reels of your mistakes, use them for promoting sales, and use them as a call to action. Make a video that explains the value of being on your marketing list so that you get more subscribers.

Reels are an excellent way to create immersive content for Instagram, and if you are new you can learn from watching some of the best creators on the platform. Download some Reels and watch how filters and music is used to create engaging content.


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