Skin Works Medical Spa Discuss Having Confidence In Your Beauty 

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1. Throw the definition of beauty from the media away

The media tends to objectify women, and that can result in problems with self-worth and self-image. That goes along with shame-based beauty, which is very damaging for a woman’s self-confidence. 

Now is the time to shake off all this shame. It isn’t necessary to think of yourself as being less than anything. A message that the media constantly makes is that as women age that beauty fades. However, this idea is artificial. Beauty is actually ageless. 

Keep in mind that you are not going to be able to change the definition of beauty that society has. However, our point of view can be changed. Instead of accepting standards coming from the media, create your very own definition instead. Breast reduction in Torrance, CA is a popular choice, moving away from the desire for large breasts.

When it comes to ageless beauty, whose do you admire? What about loved ones and friends? Maybe your grandmother has a beautiful smile or you have a co-worker who really rocks the pantsuit. Maybe you have an older woman in your neighborhood who glows with natural beauty coming from the inside. 

Stay focused on these real-life beauty examples. Take note of the things that make those women beautiful that do not have anything to do with society’s rules or age. 

2. Only buy things that you love 

When buying clothes, do your best to avoid making impulse purchases just because something is trending or you are having a fun day of shopping. Instead, do your best to focus on buying items that you feel comfortable wearing and that you really love. 

Develop your own unique and personal sense of style that is based on your type of energy. Remain true to yourself, and assess each clothing purchase on how you really feel inside. Only when your inner self is saying, “I really love this!”

3. Begin to trust yourself

Trusting yourself can be really difficult. When you experience uncertainty in your life, you may have the habit of saying to somebody else, “So what do you think?” or begin to look at Google reviews from others. 

Self-esteem is damaged by the habit of constantly seeking outside validation. It gives somebody else authority and power over your very own life. 

Begin a new daily habit instead of trusting yourself. Also, pay close attention to those gut instincts of yours. Instead of looking for someone else to agree with you, try to become comfortable with thoughts such as, “I think” or “I want.” 

It is self-confident and not selfish. Once you become used to it, trusting yourself will feel incredibly exhilarating. 

4. When looking in the mirror smile at yourself more

It can be very easy to pass by a mirror and think to yourself that isn’t a beautiful woman who is staring back at you. This is a very unnecessary and harsh judgment. This woman is you. Don’t forget that she is your best friend.

Every time you pass by a mirror, smile to yourself and think positively. Consider your reflection to be a close friend who needs a bit of self-confidence, and give her plenty of compliments. 

It has been found by psychologists that people feel compelled to look in mirrors at themselves. When you see your own reflection it has a tendency to spark self-talk, which is a form of inner dialogue. If your self-talk is mainly negative thoughts, you are more likely to get into a bad mood. When it is positive, you will perk up and see yourself in a more positive way. 

5. Take a day without makeup 

Do not condition yourself to believe that you need to be wearing makeup to be attractive. Go a day occasionally without wearing any makeup and take care of your skin.

It is an excellent way to remind yourself that what makes you attractive is not the makeup. Of course, wearing makeup is a really fun way you can enhance some of your features. However, it is not necessary to look good and feel confident. 

A day without makeup gives your skin the chance to breathe, less time in front of the mirror, and is a reminder of how valuable your natural beauty is. It is a type of reset button for both your body image and body.


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