Shray Goel: Three Ways To Improve Your Social Network

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Shray Goel discusses the usefulness of social media in advancing one’s profession, maintaining relationships with existing acquaintances, and establishing new ones. But, as Shray Goel discovered, choosing which social network best suits your needs can be difficult. 

How do you find the right one? And what exactly should you be doing to take advantage of all the benefits they offer? Let’s look at some of Shray Groel’s tips for improving your social network to work better for you.

Look for meaningful connections

We all crave meaningful connections with others. But sometimes, it’s hard to find them in the sea of social media. It’s easy to get sucked into the vortex of scrolling through posts and forgetting what we were originally looking for. Instead of getting lost in the online world, Shray Goel proposes to focus on finding connections that matter. Here are some of Shray Goels suggestions:

  • Look for people who share similar interests. Shray Goel suggests that if you want to broaden your social circle, it’s best to seek out people with whom you share common interests and values and with whom you may form meaningful friendships and productive professional connections.
  • Look for people who are already connected to people you know. If someone in your network is already associated with a certain individual or group of individuals, that’s an indication that they might also interest you!
  • Look for people who are interested in what you have to offer. Shray Goel reveals that putting yourself out there is key to making new friends and relationships on social media—and while this strategy can be effective at generating likes and comments, it’s not the only way: You can also go through the process of searching for profiles that match your interests and then reaching out directly if their bios indicate an interest in what you have (or are willing) to offer them.

Set goals for yourself and your network

Shray Goel reveals that putting yourself out there is key to making new friends and contacts on social media.

For example, if your goal is to lose weight, creating a meal plan or hiring a personal trainer will help keep you accountable. The same idea can be applied to other types of goals: learning a new skill, starting a business, or making new connections are all good examples.

You’ll want to be more specific than “I want more friends” or “I want to be more interesting.” Rather than listing vague ideas like these, create concrete plans over time that you can measure against later on (e.g., losing five pounds every month for six months).

Carefully choose your online networks

Imagine the last time you checked your Facebook feed. Most of the posts you’ve seen have probably come from folks you don’t know all that well.

They could have been acquaintances of a mutual friend or random partygoers. Having a wide network of friends and family is great, but how valuable is each connection? Take a look at some of Shray Goel’s strategies for selecting social media sites:

  • Carefully choose your online networks.
  • Feel free to leave a network that doesn’t suit you or join a new one.
  • Don’t be afraid to try something new: ask for help!

Foster professional development

Professional development is a lifelong process. No matter how long you’ve been in your current career, there’s always more to learn and more to do. 

The good news? Social networks can help you stay up to date with new skills and knowledge, find new professional opportunities, meet new professional connections—even collaborate with them! The bottom line: they’ll be a huge asset in helping you improve your career.

Building, maintaining, and using a social network can help you improve your life and career in many ways

According to sources, in 2017, the average American adult spent 3 hours and 21 minutes a day on their mobile devices. That number has only increased in recent years. So what are we all doing with that much time on our phones? For many of us, the answer is scrolling through social media. But what if we used social media to improve our lives instead of just wasting time? There are plenty of ways to do that. Here are some of Shray Goel’s shared outlines on how social media improves your life!

  • By connecting with people, you can make new friends and business contacts.
  • You can improve your career prospects by learning new skills via educational resources.
  • By sharing your knowledge, expertise, and experience with others, you can find a mentor who will guide you in your career path.


We can all use a little help in building, maintaining, and using our social networks. It’s never easy to start from scratch, but with the tips above, you should be well on making a successful online presence for yourself.

About Shray Goel

Shray Goel is an accomplished entrepreneur, technology founder, and commercial real estate developer. Shray Goel graduated from UC Santa Barbra with a major in Economics and a minor in Global Studies and Technology Entrepreneurship. 

Professionally, Shray’s career spanned over a decade in technology project management and product management. Shray Goel worked on web applications at multiple public companies before founding his own company. He is a certified Agile Scrum Master and Project Management Professional.  

Since 2010, Shray Goel has owned and managed more than $10 million in multifamily real estate assets throughout the United States. One of Shray’s many businesses provides flexible housing solutions to traveling medical professionals, including doctors and nurses. He has served clients at prestigious medical facilities such as Rady Children’s Hospital, UC San Diego Medical Center, and Scripps Mercy Hospital. 

Shray Goel mentors busy professionals in achieving breakthroughs in life by leveraging mental health improvements, positive habits, and productivity hacks. Shray has a proven track record of advising clients on how to get the most out of their lives and investments. He enjoys writing about mental health, financial technology, and investing strategies.

For more information on Shray Goel, visit his website https://www.shraygoel.com and follow him on social media Twitter LinkedIn


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