Serving as one of the brightest minds in the world of fitness and sports, enter Demetrius Crawford, aka King Crawford

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DreamChasersNeverSleep is his non-profit through which he gives power to the dreams of student-athletes in football through his incredible programs.

Today, everything has become about only achieving success in all that people choose to do in their personal and professional lives. However, it is only success that can provide people with the happiness they are seeking in life, questions Demetrius Crawford, aka King Crawford, the man who has paved his own path to success as an athlete, former CFL player, fitness coach, trainer, and pro-Instagramer, focusing more on achieving excellence first. Hailing from Bay Area and brought up in Fairfield, California, the US, the passionate being had supportive parents who stood up for him and his dreams in football.

But, who would’ve thought that King Crawford would go beyond being just a football player and become an influential personality for the whole of the US to know. The much-known athlete is known for chasing his dreams right since his childhood days, and hence even when he went undrafted for the NFL in 2009, he slipped through the cracks and went ahead to choose different ways that could help him get nearer his dreams. One of the viral videos in 2012 entitled DreamChasersNeverSleep, directed by Eric Gomes, again sparkled his dreams of playing professional football. His workout video on social media later helped him turn into a fitness influencer, gaining massive followers and prominence as an athlete, influencer, and now a fitness coach.

His training has changed and transformed the lives of many and has taken them to another level, building them into new people altogether. Starting his non-profit organization DreamChasersNeverSleep (https://www.dreamchasersneversleep.com/), in 2015, he has now become dedicated to offering a 7v7 travelling football program, a youth football team playing in 7v7 tournaments, consisting of middle school and high school football players that helps athletes develop their skills in the offseason. They also offer seven free annual football camps for the youth of ages 6 – 18. They provide incredible opportunities for student-athletes to prepare for their football future and have so far helped over 3000 of them.

Apart from this, King Crawford also offers an incredible fashion line to represent the sports and fitness culture. To gain more information, follow him on Instagram @k1ngcrawford.

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