Rick Mirza has been a hard worker his entire life. Not wanting to follow the traditional route after high school, Mirza did not attend college. However, this never stopped Rick from reaching his dreams, “I wanted more from my life than a college education and mediocre opportunities,” he says. Today he is the CEO and founder of Daulat, one of the fastest growing global equity firms, and is planning on opening twelve fast dining restaurants next year.

Finding inspiration at the National Franchise Sales convention in Las Vegas, Mirza has made way to opening his own restaurant franchise. This brand won’t be your average burger and fries fast dining experience. Partnering with Patel Food Management, Rick has plans to revamp twelve already existing locations with new staffing and management positions, as well as an entirely different order of operations. Mirza is currently finishing with the final stages necessary to enter into a memorandum of understanding to acquire the existing quick service restaurants.

Rick’s very first job was at a pizza parlor in Baltimore, Maryland. Working as a cook three to four nights a week, young Mirza developed a taste for the restaurant industry early on in life. With an entrepreneurial background in real estate, energy, ecommerce industries, and now restaurant service, Mirza has an impressive business portfolio. 

Also an author, Mirza has released three different books; 10 Things NOT to Invest in America, 10 Things to Invest in America, and The Intelligent Foreign Investor’s Guide to Investing in America. Besides writing, Rick also spends his spare time as a philanthropist and is the director of charitable organizations like HOPE and PakTech. 

On a growth trajectory that would be difficult to rival, Rick Mirza stays motivated by the desire to never stop learning. Creating an impact and making each day count is what’s most important to him. “I cherish the gift of waking up each morning and being given the chance to make each new day count. Seize each day with gratitude in your heart, try to avoid the mistakes made yesterday, and push yourself towards accomplishing the next milestone,” Mirza says. Keep up with Rick by following him on Instagram, @itsmogul. 

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