New York, NY – If you are interested in IVF or egg freezing but prefer a vaginal-free approach, then Northeast fertility clinic Rejuvenating Fertility Center (RFC) has a newly expanded range of options.

The egg retrieval process in IVF or egg freezing is typically performed by using a transvaginal ultrasound guided needle aspiration. During the procedure, a thin needle is inserted through the vagina and into the ovary to collect the eggs from the mature follicles. The eggs are then used for further fertility treatment, such as in vitro fertilization (IVF). The procedure is usually done under light sedation (or local anesthesia) and is relatively quick and minimally invasive.

Some women may prefer to have the egg retrieval performed without having vaginal entry. This may be due to various personal or medical reasons, such as discomfort with a vaginal procedure or prior surgery that makes a vaginal approach difficult or painful. A new alternative is a transabdominal egg retrieval: a needle is inserted through the abdomen to collect the eggs from the ovaries. This approach typically requires no incisions at all in the abdomen. The specific approach that is used will depend on the individual patient and her unique medical history, as well as the preference of the patient and the treating physician.

RFC’s founder and medical director, Dr. Zaher Merhi, M.D., HCLD, a board-certified Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility specialist, says that this can be an option for women who have vaginismus, a narrow pelvic canal, have chronic pelvic pain, active herpes lesions, or who need an intact hymen.

“This is a new non-invasive method for egg retrieval during the egg freezing or IVF process,” says Dr. Merhi. “This approach does not require a vaginal insertion and is often seen as more comfortable for a lot of women. Instead, a transabdominal ultrasound-guided aspiration technique is used to retrieve eggs from the ovaries.”

He adds that for anyone considering freezing their eggs, no matter which route they choose, it’s better to act sooner rather than later. “We have patients who come to us for egg freezing for many reasons,” Dr. Merhi shares. “A woman may want to delay having children until she has achieved certain personal or career goals; women who are diagnosed with a medical condition that may affect their future fertility, such as cancer, may choose to freeze their eggs to preserve their ability to have children in the future; a woman who is not in a relationship but wants to have children in the future may choose to freeze her eggs for use at a later time.”

He adds that it’s never too soon to freeze your eggs. “The sooner your eggs are frozen, the younger they are, the better your chances of getting pregnant later on,” he says.

Rejuvenating Fertility Center (RFC) offers comprehensive fertility solutions with its five locations, four in New York and one in Connecticut. Despite its local presence, RFC serves clients from around the world, with a patient base that makes up 40% of its total clientele. The clinic’s Outside Monitoring (OM) program streamlines the fertility process by providing a customized protocol and overseeing all cycles from start to finish. All that’s required of the client is to find a local facility for blood tests and ultrasounds, and to visit the clinic only once for the actual procedure.

“We are committed to offer each patient a customized treatment plan,” says Dr. Merhi. “For patients wishing to pursue IVF and/or egg freezing with a vaginal-free approach, we have options. Whatever your fertility goals are, we are here to help.”

Rejuvenating Fertility Clinic is the first IVF Center in the Northeast to offer non-conventional, holistic, and organic fertility methods. The clinic is currently accepting patients from all over the world via telemedicine and offers a variety of IVF options, egg donation, and surrogacy as well as other fertility treatments such as PRP ovarian rejuvenation.



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