With approximately 2.14 billion global online buyers as of 2022, E-commerce websites and online shopping are on the rise. E-commerce reduces the need for brick-and-mortar stores and allows businesses to expand their customer base and reach more customers than a traditional retail service or physical store. You must appropriately manage thriving E-commerce and online shopping businesses to get the best possible results. However, managing customers and other tasks is difficult. You will likely need assistance, which is where E-commerce management services come in handy. 

E-commerce store management services are a valuable and practical helping hand that can facilitate your business growth. Numerous firms provide E-commerce inventory management services or E-commerce website management services to improve your business online. They handle all your operations through a trained team and by E-commerce-based strategy to help you make substantial online sales using digital marketing. Additionally, it improves the online shopping experience for your customers.

E-commerce Done-for-You store management services allow you to earn passive income without lifting a finger, so you essentially own a business without working in it. Like a true business investor. One Up Servicesis an E-commerce automation company that supports you in making passive income online by binding the power of E-commerce stores through automation. The company was launched in 2020 to bring a solution to the growing dropshipping violation problems many E-commerce sellers face on Amazon and Walmart platforms.

One Up Services is the first E-commerce automation company to change how Amazon, Walmart, and Facebook automation is done by changing the process to an FBM (Fulfillment by Merchant) model. They have various warehouses strategically placed around the country. They also have more control over the products shipped to your end client without violating Amazon, Walmart, and Facebook terms of service. One Up Services has evolved for its clients, evading store suspensions and terminations that have challenged clients of other companies.

One Up Services designs stores from the ground up to be scalable. They can scale a new store in only months by utilizing their unique store-managed methodology. However, the rate at which they can rise will be determined by the amount of credit available from the client. The company was established two years ago and has already achieved outstanding results. They are the first to offer FBM Automation and the acquisitions of already profitable and scaled Amazon stores for their clients. Thus allowing their clients to skip the waiting period of starting a new business. They won the ClickFunnels 2 Comma Club Award for over $1M in sales in one year. They recently launched Facebook Marketplace Automation, automating a business on the Facebook Marketplace for clients as well as launching YouTube Automation where clients can own an already profitable YouTube channel for true passive income.

One Up Services created a unique solution to a massive problem. They use spot-on methodologies, have highly-skilled workers, and have a track record of success that allows them to develop, manage, and run your entire business for you. The E-commerce company’s dedicated team will set up, run, and grow your business from the ground up through their exceptional customer service, product research, listing, and shipment. They have exclusive software that will assist you in streamlining every aspect of your E-commerce operation. Their massive network also consists of a wide range of wholesale distributors and suppliers based only in the US.

The business development manager mentioned this regarding the company’s future, “We have 800 clients, and we plan to be at 2000 before closing it off to the public to focus on just our existing clients.”



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