The entrepreneur in the crypto industry spearheads Zonda as the CEO and has many plans for its growth and expansion in the near future.

Having the right vision of attaining specific goals is one thing, but having the right courage, guts, tenacity, hustling and learning something new each day and overcoming challenges to turn those visions into a reality is a different thing altogether. Very few belong to the latter category, but those who do surrender to their dreams and, with their razor-sharp focus, keep walking on their path to achieving their goals. Przemyslaw Kral did exactly that and thus today has been propelled forward as a one-of-a-kind entrepreneur in the crypto space in Europe. He is the brain behind the success of the company Zonda as CEO, which is considered as the largest cryptocurrency exchange in its region in Europe.

Besides being the CEO of the company, he is also one of the board of directors. With a law degree and an MBA from some of the best universities in Europe, Przemyslaw Kral so far has thrust the company forward in multiple incredible ways, leading to its global expansion. Explaining more about his company, he says that people can start growing their portfolio on the much-talked-about crypto exchange. It is open for seasoned investors and also for budding enthusiasts and professionals, where they can buy and sell over 50 currencies on their regulated crypto exchange.

Zonda’s exchange community is safe and secure, he highlights, where people can buy and sell on a trusted platform, exchange multiple currencies and also fiat currencies with one another, and easily deposit and withdraw in fiat currencies. Przemyslaw Kral explains that through Zonda, they are building an ecosystem of trading tools for everyone. Their individual exchange is a way for people to start investing in their crypto exchange. And their business exchange is for those who invest in crypto for a living with tailored credit limits and extra support.

Przemyslaw Kral, who has already done the implementation of KYC and AML procedures and has helped the company secure an Estonian FIU license and get further regulatory approvals, is on a mission to educate people across the world about the crypto market and regulation.

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