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Serenity. Peace. Divinity. 

As an interconnected being experiencing a soul journey, I seek to become my highest self.   

When I first encountered TwinRay, I felt an immediate connection to their messaging and vibrational energy that was emanating all around me as I delved into their content.  As a student of astrology, pranic forces, astral projections ,and meditation my soul was craving the guidance that Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji had to offer. 

Looking over the beautiful experiences that other members have encountered via their teachings warmed my heart as I knew that I’d found a community of twin souls that were just as passionate about being on a God plane and reaching a true place of love and divinity as I am. 

Many other proclaimed leaders of the light and teachers of self -actualization, however when you are on the receiving end of a true master of the universal plane, you feel a calling that only few can explain. 

The world is filled with tragic circumstances, hunger, spiritual disturbances, and being unsettled. I love how Twin Ray encourages me to immediately acknowledge this within myself and seek first to understand without judgement that it is simply a part of a journey that I was destined to be in.  

The offerings created by Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji were created from a place of universal love that fosters a calming environment with soft tones, warm light, and clear explanations of how our spirits are meant to encounter this world. 

“Be a powerful instrument of change. A powerful instrument of truth. Integrity. Isn’t that why you’re really here?”- SanandaJi 

Twin Ray provides an escape from the mundane trials of daily life and lulled me into a realm of compassionate understanding filled with heart coherence. A place void of spatial parameters and infinite time that focuses on being one with the universe. By tuning into their teachings, I have discovered that I am only but at the beginning of a journey that will seemingly last forever and is bound to impact me in infinite ways.  

The Lessons of Twin Ray: 

The teachings of the spiritual masters of Twin Ray serve to enhance students in the learnings of the infinite universe via multiple modalities including spiritual retreats on sacred land infused with the energy of natural frequencies, accessing passages via a method of transcendence that connected you to your soul’s ancient guides of wisdom, and connecting you to a global community of likeminded individuals all yearning to be a part of a heart centered coherent civilization.  

We are to seek first to understand as a rule and Twin Ray provides a roadmap to a deeper level of multi-dimensional learning, ascendance to incredible heights, and achieving attunement with ancient traditions that allowed me to pull myself towards humanity while expressing an authentic truthfulness only attainable on the path to awakening. 

The Blessings of Twin Ray 

If you are searching for a place of peace then the blessings then you will experience through Twin Ray from the live sacred prayer circles, mastery of light body cultivation, and walking towards your spiritual destiny are unlike anything your soul has ever known.  

As a global Golden Age community, together we recognize the spiritual destiny of Humanity through profound love, selfless service and other practices.  We offer miracle retreats where you will gain unprecedented access to mastery and manifestation. Imagine starting every month in your highest frequency.  

Ascension. Healing. Purpose. Abundance. Relationship. Astrology. Free yourself from suffering and realize your innate gifts.  I am the blessings of Twin Ray. You are the blessings of Twin Ray. We are all the blessings of the Twin Ray. May your light shine upon the world and the parallel universes beyond.  

Twin Ray Will Change Your Life  

It won’t take long for Twin Ray to impact your life in ways that may have seem impossible. An enlightened soul knows a soul who seeks its journey and yours will find it’s home within the sacred platform that Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji have built to unite us in love, peace, unity, and purpose. A utopia will appear before you as you ascend spiritual planes, encounter the nodes of destiny, and nourish your entire being by rejecting pre-conceived norms from those who seek to deny their eternal place in happiness, serenity, and abundant light.  

I was almost brought to tears when I read the countless journeys that others within the community have embarked on to heal themselves, wrap themselves in the universal light, and transcend distance and time through meditations while receiving energy transmissions of the Earth’s electric field.  

Thank you Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji for your compassion, infinite wisdom, blessings, vision, and sharing your world to provide me the ability to live in my true power.  Eternal blessings and peace to you both. 


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