Mining City Founder Greg Rogowski Shares His Passion for Cryptocurrencies with the World

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Greg Rogowski has led the Mining City platform since it launched in 2018. His career started in Marketing after he graduated from Warsaw University with a degree in Marketing & Neophilology. Twelve years of media industry marketing and management throughout Europe and South America led Greg to combine his professional expertise with his personal fascination with blockchain technology. He began mining Bitcoin personally in 2016 and became the VP of Marketing at Mine Best LLC in Poland in 2018.

While the majority of his professional life has been connected with advertising, media and marketing, Greg’s experience is not just in the creative segment of brand management, but also firmly rooted in the statistical and research-driven strategy and planning.

Greg Rogowski has used his interest in art and sciences when working on the creative aspects of strategies, and when some abstract and lateral thinking is required. His genuine enthusiasm for classical music and cars is matched only by his passion for blockchain and cryptocurrencies. 

This interest led Greg to strategically develop one of the world’s largest initiatives bringing together people who want to unite their strength and increase their chance to mine Bitcoin – Mining City. Since the project launched, he has traveled the world helping to spread the word about the merits of cryptocurrencies. He is also in charge of most of the events organized by Mining City.

Getting Started

“In 2018, I got a job at Mine Best LLC belonging to a crypto mining group of companies that my platform Mining City continues to have a strategic partnership with to this day,” Greg has said.

“I was presented with the concept after speaking at a conference in Seoul in 2018. I thought initially that many companies out there would be doing a similar thing, but after some research, I realized that it was a relatively undiscovered market. I decided to branch out on my own, leaving Mine Best LLC to found Prophetek and eventually launch the Mining City platform. Mining City has since grown into one of the world’s largest crypto mining communities and we continue to expand by the day,” he notes.

How It Works 

What is Mining City?

Mining City is a platform that provides mining plans, giving users access to hash power and mining rewards.  Hashpower is the computing power needed to generate cryptocurrencies

Mining City users can buy crypto mining plans that give them access to hash power and mining rewards.  Hashpower provided by Mining City is used to mine Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies. 

Mining City is a platform that provides hash power to people interested in mining cryptocurrencies but who don’t have their own private mining equipment. 

“You don’t have to run around looking for the best ASIC miners or worry about electricity bills. All you have to do is sit back and watch the mining progress without having to do any hard work,” Greg explains. 

“Since Mining City facilitates the mining process, we are often the first contact some people have with crypto,” he says. “It can be intimidating at first, but after understanding the basic terms and concepts it becomes a fascinating world of innovation and new possibilities.” 

Rogowski emphasizes that cryptocurrencies are emerging as an elementary part of the global financial system. “Banks, fintech companies and other industries are all looking into how this new technology could offer solutions to the world’s problems. Blockchain applications and the decentralized nature of crypto are what draws all these industries towards this area,” he explains.  

Bitcoin started a revolution. “Over the last decade, it has become a pop-cultural symbol of the fight against the corrupted monetary policy system that rules the world,” Rogowski adds. Soon after, new cryptocurrencies began to emerge. Now there are several thousands of alternative coins, known as altcoins. 

While still a confusing and foreign concept for many, the Mining City founder believes that doubts will fade over time. “There is more information on the subject as cryptocurrencies become more present in society. I expect that the line between fact and myth will slowly blur and a mature cryptocurrency ecosystem will flourish one day soon,” Greg says. 

Rogowski stresses that everyone getting involved with Bitcoin should be well educated. “Always do your research. You need to know who you are dealing with. Partnering with a reputable platform that has a global presence in the field is also important. It is the reason why thousands of people have trusted Mining City to guide them across this seemingly complicated space,” he explains. 

“Mining City has partnered with some of the major players in the mining industry and offers very good deals to private consumers. These take all the guesswork out of the mining procedure, including purchasing, maintaining, and running the equipment.” 

Recent Health Issues

As Greg mentioned in his remarks in his recent Special Newsroom, his health complications at the end of 2021 have left him struggling to regain the energy and focus he is accustomed to. The recent events in Ukraine and the escalation of the war have also caused a disturbance in the markets that has been distracting for him and his team. 

Although Rogowski is getting healthier and stronger, he has been upfront about the fact that the physical and psychological challenges he has faced in the last six months can be attributed to personal attacks by some Mining City users.  

Rogowski continues to work actively to improve Mining City and to communicate openly and honestly with users. He has asked that Mining City users not resort to insults, threats, or public allegations. He and his team are working overtime to answer any and all questions that are submitted to them.

“The organization is changing to become fully compliant with the newest regulations and requirements,” Greg says with gratitude. “The outcome is better and better as we expected, as we believe in Mining City community.”

The Future of Cryptocurrencies

Greg Rogowski is enthusiastic about what’s to come. “If you look at where Bitcoin was 10 years ago and how far it has come, I’d say we are definitely in for an exciting next decade.”

“The way I personally envision the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency as a whole is one of complete functionality in the mainstream. I see people pulling out their phone, opening a DApp, and using it to order, for example, a pizza. And using cryptocurrency to pay for it seamlessly. All this is in the same way regular centralized apps allow us to do now. From a user’s perspective, it is possible that in 10 years people will be using blockchain and cryptocurrency so easily that they won’t even notice that they are doing it!” Rogowski anticipates.


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