Meet Evangelos Skraparas, a prominent Greek football player of the time!

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With all his achievements, he has now been titled the best of the time. Meet Evangelos Skraparas from Germany who is passionate about football from his very childhood and is a big name in the sport.

His highly dedicated trait toward the game makes him a master in the field and his devotion and discipline towards the same are impressive. He not only is a perfection but also an inspiration to every other budding footballer.

Evangelos speaks through his achievements and that’s why at his very early age he managed to achieve so much. Recently he played for Greece’s national team U16-17, Youth Bayer 04 Leverkusen known to be one of the best teams in German. As well as his name got listed in the top 20 players of his age and he played for Visakha Fc another renowned star in his crown.

Having a goal make you focused and dedicated to achieving it. Evangelos had that one dream of becoming the best in the field of football and he did it with all his determination and dedication. Looking forward to much better opportunities in life, he is devoted to his game.

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