Making 2023 Your Year to be Allergy-Free

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As the spring season quickly approaches, more and more people fear the onset of seasonal allergies. For some, allergies are just a mild inconvenience — causing some sniffling or watery eyes — but for others, allergies entail something much more frustrating and disruptive to their lives. Although many allergy sufferers believe they are just stuck suffering from their allergies as they come and go, innovators in the medical field, such as Dr. Cliff Han, founder and CEO of AllerPops, have found ways to help defeat allergies for good.

Understanding the root cause of allergies

Many allergy treatments on the market — for over-the-counter or prescription use — focus on the symptoms of allergies, not their root cause. “Allergies are most commonly treated using a class of drugs known as antihistamines. And although they can provide some relief to those suffering from allergic rhinitis, that relief is only temporary,” Dr. Han explains. “For allergy sufferers to experience full relief, the root cause of their allergies must be addressed.” 

Dr. Han has realized that, for this allergy-free lifestyle to be realized, the root cause of allergies must be identified. However, to understand what causes allergies, one must first understand what allergies are. “Common allergies is the name for allergic rhinitis, a condition caused by inflammation of the nose due to allergies,” explains Dr. Han. “When the immune system overreacts to a foreign substance, even one that isn’t necessarily harmful to the body, it results in this inflammation. As such, treating allergies effectively comes down to treating the immune system, starting with probiotics.”

Probiotics are what doctors refer to as “good bacteria” — the bacteria throughout the body which help keep its systems healthy. Although most of the probiotics discussed in the medical community are generally homed in the gut, where they aid in digestion, the body also relies on probiotics in several other areas, including the mouth, for its success.

Dr. Han has studied oral probiotics and their role in the immune system. “The main entry points to the body are the mouth and airway,” Dr. Han explains, “so it makes sense that they are not only surrounded by the immune system, but also a critical component of the body’s immune response. The role of oral probiotics in preventing allergies is to prevent the unnecessary over-response of the immune system, which is known as allergies.”

Most people do not suffer from allergies thanks to sufficient protection from oral probiotics. The two main types of oral probiotics — Streptococcus and Veillonella — play an essential role in the mouth’s health, contributing to the production of short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) that help to reduce inflammation throughout the airway and alleviate the symptoms of allergic rhinitis.

Dr. Han’s research shows that one of the root causes of allergies is a syndrome he calls oral probiotic deficiency (OPD). Although a person’s levels of oral probiotics will fluctuate naturally due to factors such as seasonal changes and oral hygiene habits, allergic rhinitis is commonly triggered when oral probiotic levels reach and maintain at excessively low levels.

However, Dr. Han reminds us that people can grow out of their allergies. “It isn’t uncommon for allergy sufferers to ‘grow out’ of their allergies if their oral probiotics grow back,” he explains. “This growth can be caused by sudden Major lifestyle events and even slower, more gradual changes in one’s lifestyle that impact their oral hygiene can cause this.”

Restoring oral probiotics to treat allergies

While this process is seemingly uncontrollable and random, Dr. Han’s innovative product, AllerPops, can make it happen at will. A prebiotic “lollipop” used to deliver the nutrients necessary for these pivotal oral probiotics to grow, AllerPops are convenient and easy to use and come with the added benefit of tasting pretty enjoyable.

After an initial treatment over a period of around a week, most AllerPops users begin to experience significant, long-lasting relief from their allergy symptoms. “We have found that most patients won’t have to use AllerPops for months following their initial round of treatment,” Dr. Han asserts. “Some may go even longer. Consuming an additional AllerPop occasionally to restore the mouth’s probiotics can help extend positive effects or prevent them from weaning.”

With the help of AllerPops to prevent oral probiotic deficiency, those who suffer from allergies can find a way to return to their daily activities unencumbered by their seasonal allergies. “Seasonal allergies are extremely frustrating,” says Dr. Han. “But with AllerPops, those who suffer from allergies can achieve the allergy-free lifestyle they want to live.”

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