Maison Novague: How This Brand Is Dominating Its Niche In 2022

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As the world modernizes, interest in and demand for handcrafted clothes is rising. But here’s the problem – the market lacks brands that make bespoke unique, and stylish clothes for women. To fill this gap, Maison Novague was launched!

The haute couture brand has been turning heads in the fashion industry since its first shoot in September 2021 with Turkish-German model & actress Meryem Uzerli. Maison Novague has continued to wow critics and customers alike with its unique take on the haute couture collection that will come out at the end of October. Their latest collection, which Meryem Uzerli flaunted, is sure to turn even more heads.

Introduction to Maison Novague

Maison Novague is a high-end fashion brand quickly making a name for itself in the fashion industry. The brand is known for its upscale designs and plush materials. Maison Novague’s haute couture collection is a made-to-order process wherein the apparel is created piece by piece. This means that each piece is unique and made to fit the customer perfectly. This is unlike street style, which is ready to wear and can be purchased online or through their Instagram store.

The brand has only been around for a few years, but it has already gained a loyal following among celebrities and fashion insiders. Thanks to Fariba Pourkhajani, founder of Maison Novague, and her innovative designs and exclusive collections, Maison Novague is quickly becoming one of the most talked-about brands in the fashion industry.

For fashionistas looking for something extraordinary and unique, Maison Novague is definitely a destination worth checking out. With its chic designs and premium fabrics, the brand is expected to make an impact on the fashion industry for years to come.

The Background | Meet Fariba Pourkhajani

Fariba Pourkhajani is the creative force behind the Maison Novague fashion brand. Born in Iran, she is based out of Germany and the UK, and her love for fashion started at a young age. She travels to exciting places, experiencing many different cultures across the globe. Her creative work reflects her influences through her ambition and multicultural roots.

Fariba’s designs are known for their feminine style and attention to detail. She leverages high-quality fabrics and unique embellishments to create pieces that are both stylish and practical. Her goal is to design clothes that women can feel confident and comfortable in, whether they’re running errands or going for a night out.

The Maison Novague brand has grown exponentially in recent years. Fariba’s talent and dedication to her craft have made Maison Novague a favorite among celebrities and style icons, who flock to the brand for their red-carpet looks.

The Journey from a Hobby to Reality

It all started with a hobby that turned into reality. “I was always interested in fashion as a child and started designing my own dresses at a young age,” says Fariba Pourkhajani.

Fariba wanted to establish a fashion line that would focus on quality and style rather than just being a mass producer of clothes. Maison Novague started out small but quickly began to grow. The brand caters to a large faction of women through its online store.

Maison Novague’s popularity is growing every day. Focusing on luxurious designs and dedication to quality, they’ve become a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world.


Since its inception in 2021, Maison Novague has been one of the most talked-about fashion brands in the industry. With its current successes, the company has big plans for the future. The brand intends to open a brick-and-mortar store so even more women can experience the joy of bespoke custom clothing. Additionally, it plans to expand its online presence and grow its reach in new markets. This will allow even more people to discover and fall in love with Maison Novague.

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