Justin Saini is a serial entrepreneur. He’s been successful in his business endeavors since he was a young kid because he takes the advice of others by following a couple of simple rules. Saini has made his immigrant parents extremely proud. They sacrificed so much to come to a new country and it has seriously paid off.

As a serial entrepreneur, Justin Saini’s main focus is on education. “As a serial entrepreneur, I focus mainly on service-based businesses. One of those is education in the financial markets. I am a day trader myself, and [I] also run a rapidly expanding firm where we consult individuals on how to take advantage of the times and transition their finances to be future-minded and recession-proof,” says Saini.

Financial education is exploding all over the internet. For so long, people have been without it, but not so much anymore. Justin Saini insists everyone learn about finances for one specific reason: “Freedom. Being able to create my own income and live the kind of life that was once only reserved for the famous. In today’s world, you can create wealth online and live like royalty.” Saini says. It’s true; so why aren’t more people reaching financial freedom? While knowledge is everywhere nowadays, it’s still a tough road to financial freedom.

People want explicit instructions on how to make money, or how to start a business but what they are ignoring is the advice millions of entrepreneurs everywhere give: One must define their “why” and cultivate a strong mindset.  From the gate, Justin Saini had something going for him: Motivation. His why was simple: “My parents originated in India and came to this country over 40 years ago, I was given the opportunity to create the best life for myself and I figured I would be foolish not to do everything and anything that I could to make the most out of it.” Saini says.

That’s why in middle school he started making money. He started a business that involved restoring and customizing iPhone software, and from there he started buying and selling sneakers throughout high school. It’s one thing to sell things to friends and family as a kid, but it’s another to establish legitimate and profitable businesses as an adult. That’s where  a strong mindset comes into play:

“The starting point is desire. Once you know this you [can] use your mind to help you as opposed to tearing you down. Too many people accept defeat before the enemy is at the lines; they have already lost the business before the business starts. They have already lost the trading account before they took their first trade because of their LACK of belief. This isn’t some hoo-ra or feel-good information, this comes from every religious book around the world and is the basis of every personal development book ever written.” Saini says.

With his over 25K followers on Instagram, and even more, he has educated through his business, Justin Saini inspires others to follow their dreams, but they do have to do the hard, personal work to get there. He suggests to people “Get personally developed, start your day focusing on you before you focus on the world. Build a routine and surround yourself with people who will lift you up and encourage you to keep going.”

As for Justin Saini, he will keep going because he understands the power of motivation and mindset. For the future, success means taking care of family. He wants to retire them from work and provide them with medical care. He wants to travel the world and not have to look at price tags. Justin Saini will get there by maintaining his educational services to others and investing in the rapidly growing web3 space and real estate industries.


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