Instantly, Star Ashik saw his followers grow and their support for him grew too.

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Ashik Nihon aka Ashik is an internet celebrity and content creator from Bangladesh, who is mostly known for lip-syncing, comedy and dancing videos on Instagram.

His videos often feature different comic routines that he Lip Syncs with other people, fans, and fellow Facebook. After finding fame on Facebook, he also made an account on Instagram and found fame there as well.

Ashik’s real name is Ashik Nihon.
Ashik got famous and gained popularity from Instagram and has many followers who support him through his journey.

Ashik is currently 18 years old and is a famous Instagram star. He posts various comedy, romantic and cute videos of him and is appreciated by many of his fans. He was born in Bangladesh and did his education in Bangladesh as well.

Ashik is a very famous on Instagram. He rose to fame when she started posting videos on the video sharing platform. He made lot of comedy, cute, romantic lip-syncing videos and posted them on Instagram. Instantly he saw his followers grow and their support for him grew too.

You can find him on various social media platforms. His username is @theashiknihon.

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