Illusion Celebrity Event Hall , Must Visit 2023.

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Illusion has become a place that attracts celebrities like magnets. Now it’s the turn of illusion Palm Beach Club.

Sait Alibeyogullari “The secret key to my success is discipline”

Sait Alibeyogullari, who is the pride of Alanya with his successful works in his entertainment life, continues to achieve new successes.

Sait Alibeyogullari, the operator of the illusion Event Hall, which has made a significant contribution to the promotion of Alanya by performing many concerts in which local and foreign artists have performed since the day it opened in Alanya, also took over the management of illusion Palm Beach, located on the coast of Dinek district of Alanya.

ASSA Event Production President Alibeyogullari, expressed his sadness due to the earthquake that took place in our country, and said, “We stood by our disaster victims with all our means, together with our company ASSA event employees.”

President Sait Alibeyogullari, said that although it has the most important places in Alanya, does not compete with anyone, Illusion Palm Beach, which is among the best places in Alanya on hot summer and winter days, is one of the most popular places in summer with its delicious food and cocktails, unique view and clean sea. will be one.
Our plans for this summer have already been listed one by one, while our new venue, illusion Palm Beach, is the right address to sip your cocktails at sunset and enjoy the moment, we will offer an entertaining environment to all our guests with private concept nights designed for famous DJs.

Sait Alibeyogullari, the operator who contributed to the promotion of Turkey and Alanya by bringing world-famous names to Turkey and made a name for himself with the venues he opened at a young age, everyone in the entertainment industry in the world will talk about the illusion Event and illusion Palm Beach in Alanya, Turkey, because “We are among the best places,” he said.

Saying that he worked day and night to grow the illusion event, Alibeyogullari said, “illusion has become a place that attracts celebrities like a magnet”. Now it’s the turn of illusion Palm Beach Club.
Sait Alibeyogullari said, “There will be a great trend in Alanya, everyone will talk about Alanya a lot” and continued his words “Discipline is the secret key to my success”, discipline always comes first in the name, “I will continue to work to add new places to my success”


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