How Sideline Prep Helps People Achieve Their Dreams of Becoming an NFL or NBA Cheerleader

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By GeNienne Samuels, CEO — Sideline Prep

If you dream of landing one of the coveted spots on a professional entertainment team, you are not alone. Dancing on the sidelines of a national NFL or NBA game is a goal for cheerleaders and dancers across the nation and beyond. However, many people think it’s out of reach because they lack formal dance training or technical dance skills. They allow this to stand in their way of giving it a try. 

The truth is that other qualities are just as essential to gaining notice at a pro-level dance audition. And the self-confidence and positive mindset it takes to catch the attention of the scoring judges are harder to master than the right look or technique.

As a former professional NBA and NFL cheerleader, I founded Sideline Prep to train the next generation of pro cheerleaders. We empower our clients with self-confidence and a healthy mindset, and they develop those elusive qualities right along with the “total package” that nails pro cheerleading auditions. 

The importance of self-confidence for professional cheerleaders

We all know that judges will review and score your technical dance ability, as well as your overall showmanship, appearance, fitness level, speaking ability, and stage presence. All of these areas are extremely critical during pro cheerleading auditions. Of course, you need a high level of talent and training to impress them, but years of dance lessons and gymnastic classes are not worth anything without the inner confidence to make your skills shine! That extra sparkle is something no one can fake during an audition. 

Your confidence will also have to shine during audition interviews. The judges are looking for those who can represent NFL and NBA teams as ambassadors — not only on the sidelines but at other events as well, such as charity fundraisers, community service events, meet and greets, and professional gatherings. You need the confidence to convince them that you can light up a room, connect with people, and make instant friends wherever you go. Hundreds of people attend NFL and NBA cheerleading team auditions, so you need a personality that enables you to stand out — not just on the dance floor but also in the interview room.

Developing the confidence that nails pro-cheerleading auditions 

As coaches, we rely on our years of professional experience to help best prepare our clients for their auditions. We know the process is intimidating, but we also know exactly what it takes to help you beat the odds and achieve your dream. 

At Sideline Prep, our comprehensive approach builds your mindset and confidence while developing your technical skills. This is the aspect that sets our program apart from any other — we develop your self-esteem, your mindset, and your confidence so that, when you go to the audition, you will walk into the room feeling positive and entirely ready. 

During the Pro Cheer Playbook Program, not only do we help you with the technical dance aspects that you’ll need, but we will also hold you accountable to build determination, commitment, and dedication. We help you get the stamina and look you need with a healthy lifestyle, diet, and workout regimen. Finally, we teach you to polish the package with tips for your hair, makeup, audition attire, and interview prep — but all of that is just the icing on the cake. 

What counts most when you meet the judges is the confidence and mindset you developed along the way.  Knowing that you have a team of experienced coaches rooting you on, helps you walk in with confidence knowing you are prepared, polished, and ready to perform your best. 

Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right 

Mindset is the factor that will make or break your chances of achieving your dream to become a professional cheerleader. At Sideline Prep, we know that the right mindset sets you up for success, and the wrong mindset will always stand in the way of your progress. If you think you can’t achieve this goal, the judges will pick up on it in your body language, poster, walk, talk, and performance. But it works the other way, too; if you think you can, your confidence will shine through in everything you do, making you a more viable candidate.

A positive mindset enables you to put in the work, rise above rejection, and keep your eyes on the prize. When you combine the right mindset with physical ability and training, you become unstoppable, pushing forward until you accomplish the goals you set your mind to. 

Since founding Sideline Prep, I have seen almost 400 cheerleaders and dancers graduate from our training program. Out of those graduates, over 280 gained spots on professional or semi-professional cheer or dance teams amounting to a success rate of 70%. 

That number does not just represent talent and years of training. It represents the self-confidence and mindset that are the foundation of our program.

You do not need to have grown up as a gymnast or dancer to make it as a pro. The truth is that the skills you need to become a pro cheerleader are entirely teachable and achievable. We do it every day, but we also go one step further. We pair those skills with a self-esteem and positive mindset that enable you to nail your audition and make your dream of becoming a pro cheerleader a reality. 

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