How Dr. Marc Hafkin Coaches Clients Through Personal Growth & Empowerment

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Hiring a business coach has been described as “one of the best decisions you can make” as you seek to advance your career. Coaches are known for providing important perspectives, ideas, and strategies, as well as helping clients achieve a desirable work-life balance. After 45 years as a successful psychotherapist in private practice, Dr. Marc Hafkin made the transition to Certified Master Professional Coach to help clients move forward in empowerment, rather than look to the past in despair. He works with both organizations and individuals as a Coach.

Dr. Marc Hafkin boasts an impressive history of psychotherapy education and experience, including a Doctoral degree and a Post Doctoral Fellowship in Clinical Psychology. He also received his MA in Counseling Education and MSW in Clinical Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis. Prior to pursuing his advanced degrees, Dr. Hafkin spent seven years on active duty in the U.S. Army, during which time he was in charge of several Psychiatric wards and later the outpatient clinic of a major Psychiatric Center in Frankfurt Germany.

During his more than four decades as a psychotherapist, Dr. Hafkin specialized in treating sexual and emotional difficulties in individuals and couples; “emotionally dysregulated” children and adolescents; domestic disputes and conflict resolution; veteran concerns and transitions upon returning from deployments and re-entry into civilian life; and the impact of cultural influences on relationships.

Over time, Dr. Hafkin came to realize that he was spending more time teaching individuals skill building than he was on their mental blocks and how to overcome them. Many of his clients were seeking personal growth rather than a medical diagnosis. Now, Dr. Hafkin focuses on moving ahead with productive strategies so that his clients can achieve any goal.

As Dr. Marc Hafkin professionally moved from a “pathological” model to an “educational and strength-based” approach, he recognized that working as a Certified Master Professional Coach was a logical next step in his career.

Since transitioning into Coaching as a career, Marc has consulted with leaders of major organizations such as Booze, Allen & Hamilton, Goldman Sachs, Miter, Deloitte, and others, in order to help maximize leadership potential and expertise, and empower their senior staff. His approach is to teach skills that will encourage growth while facing personal challenges head-on.

“I believe that the combination of prior professional experience as a therapist combined with the training I received as a Master Certified Coach enables me to address a wide spectrum of issues,” Dr. Hafkin has said. “As people are more interested in learning and wanting to move forward in their lives, coaching will become even more widespread. Coaching has grown exponentially in the past 20 years and has appealed to a wide range of individuals who do not wish to be diagnosed with any type of mental disorder which therapy requires for insurance reimbursement.”

Helping people to achieve success is uniquely satisfying for Dr. Hafkin, who believes that we are on the cutting edge of personal growth education. The Positive Psychology model and mindset training has changed the way that people approach their lives both personally and professionally. Dr. Hafkin works to stay in the “here and now” when he works with clients so that he doesn’t become overly empathetic to their previous struggles.

In Coaching sessions with Dr. Hafkin, clients can expect to address life transitions, relationship issues, personal growth, and the development of coping skills. By creating new inner narratives and strategies that focus on moving forward and building on what works, Dr. Hafkin helps people feel better about themselves and their next steps.

In addition to presenting actionable strategies for personal growth in his coaching sessions, Dr. Hafkin offers inspiration and reassurance to his clients as they pursue difficult goals. He reminds them of each smaller step that they have already completed on their path, and of the plan that was made and must be adhered to in order to find success.

To better anchor his work, Dr. Hafkin has traveled the world researching how cultural and familial influences shape people and their approach to challenges. After living with natives in South East Asia, the Amazon jungle, Papua New Guinea, and the Sahara, Dr. Hafkin has gained a deep understanding of a variety of perspectives. It has also given him the opportunity to consult with numerous Washington Embassies, which he continues to do today.

Coaching Options
Dr. Marc Hafkin is based in Bethesda, Maryland, just outside of Washington, DC. He offers Individual Coaching, Group Coaching, Couple Coaching, Remarriage, and StepFamily Coaching, and Veteran Concerns.

For clients who are prepared for an accelerated transformation, individual coaching in a private setting is recommended. The group coaching option incorporates group insights and reflections from others that can lead to transformational results, as well as exposure to different life experiences and the creative and adaptive strategies needed to handle these experiences.

Dr. Hafkin’s relationship coaching for both couples and families focuses on building bridges between old narratives and new, more effective narratives. The creation of personalized strategies to overcome differences and move forward in positivity can strengthen familial bonds.

After serving in the military, Dr. Hafkin has remained dedicated to helping other veterans, including donating his time to this important cause. Transitions relating to deployment and re-entry to civilian life can be difficult for both veterans and their families, who are encouraged to identify the steps needed to successfully reconnect with society.

If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Marc Hafkin or schedule a coaching session, you can visit drmarchafkincoaching.com.


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