Here’s How Kristy Kilcup is Making Waves In The Holistic Development Industry By Confluencing Traditional and New-age Practises

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Kristy Kilcup, a Holistic Coach, redefines the journey to achieve weight loss by addressing the gap within the weight loss industry. As someone who dislikes restrictive diets, she knows that many people fail in their efforts because they feel they cannot eat what they love. Her holistic approach takes into account the emotional, physical and mental well-being of her clients and helps them implement habits that fit in with the lifestyles that make sense for them as individuals, rather than imposing strict, generalized diet and exercise plans that do not work over the long term.

Kristy is quickly making a name for herself in the world of health and wellness coaching. Her unique approach combines a variety of coaching techniques including hypnotherapy with a holistic approach that includes addressing her clients’ unique hormone blueprints. This comprehensive approach is helping her clients not only lose weight but also improve their overall health and wellbeing. Kristy is truly changing the industry for the better and helping people transform their lives from the inside out.

“This program has affected me on so many levels – personal finance, career, relationships, health, exercise and my overall well-being.” Diana

The Weight Loss ACCELERATOR program not only helps women lose weight but also teaches them how to keep it off for good. Kristy Kilcup’s unique approach helps her clients understand the root cause of their overeating, and provides them with the tools they need to make lasting changes. Kristy addresses all of the ways that may be affecting a woman’s relationship with food: from stress to hormones, and to family dynamics. Her website offers testimonials from clients who have benefited from her guidance and allows you to book a complimentary call to see if her program is right for you.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably tried every fad diet out there in an attempt to lose weight. And while you may have had some success in the short term, the weight always seems to come back. Kristy is here to help you break that cycle. The way she sees it is that for a long time there was no alternative weight loss solution, until now.  “Gone are the days where you need to guess what foods you should be eating, how many meals a day you should be consuming, when and at what intensity you should be exercising.  Now we know exactly what foods, exercise prescription and timing works best for your body type.”

Her approach helps people identify the root causes of their unhealthy habits and provides a personalized approach to address underlying hormone imbalances, food sensitivities, digestive health issues, sleep quality and low energy (just to name a few). Kristy also emphasizes the importance of adopting new behaviours, rather than abandoning old ones. She does this by teaching you how to listen to your body and respond to its signals. This approach is different from traditional dieting, which often leads to yo-yo dieting and feelings of deprivation. Kristy’s approach is based on the belief that your body knows what it needs, and she provides tools and support to help you make choices that are in alignment with your goals. Apart from her substantial industry experience, she also has the academic education to back it up. With an honours degree in Health Science, a Bachelor’s degree in Education, and a variety of certifications including her Health, Life and Mastery Level Transformation Coaching, Nutrition and Personalized Health Coaching, Personal Training and Certified RTT® Hypnotherapy license, she is able to address the root cause of her clients’ behaviours, help them manage their self-imposed expectations, address overwhelm and provide a personalized weight loss road map. As a side gig, she also works as a Master Educator for Stages Indoor Cycling LLC. and is an International Presenter.

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