Basketball is often considered one of the most Intricate offensive games amongst team sports. It is the toughest to game-plan for, as it has so many details and moving parts to consider. For those who are extremely passionate about basketball and want to advance in their careers, Nareg Kopooshian can help. He is a head basketball coach and a former professional basketball player who has developed a winning culture to a small Armenian School, located in Canoga Park.

Nareg Kopooshian is impacting the whole basketball community as a coach. He leads a success story of a program, and is creating history in Armenian schools by taking a team from CIF-SS Division 5A to 2A in just 3 seasons. Nareg has twice led his team to an Undefeated League Championship and achieved a 21-game winning streak. He also led several successful seasons and even has a CIF state playoff qualification to his name. Teams coached by Nareg have been featured in multiple media outlets, including the LA Times. 

It all started with his undying passion for basketball from a very young age. At 6 months, Nareg first held a ball in his hand and started his coaching career at 18 years of age, all while playing college basketball for Hall of Fame Coach, Brian Beauchemin. During his off times of playing, Nareg coached his AAU teams, because he always loved the game and had an unparalleled attention to detail. Now at 29, Nareg is the head coach of AGBU Canoga Park Varsity Boys basketball. He also owns Rebels Elite Academy, a travel basketball program in the San Fernando Valley. His mission with this program is to develop young athletes and help them achieve their optimum potential. 

Unlike most professional basketball players, Kopooshian has never been the tallest on any team. His physical appearance and circumstances have forced him to analyze the game from a different perspective that others don’t see or understand. That’s when Nareg started looking at the game differently. He fed his passion by becoming a coach, leading several teams to breakthrough performances. 

Nareg played in the CBA in 2017, where he averaged 12 points and 5 assists per  game. In 2018, he took the job as the head coach at Varsity Boys Basketball in AGBU, and in just 4 seasons, transformed the program by taking a small division 5 Armenian school to stardom, into a loaded CIF Southern Section division 2. A couple of years ago, Nareg took AGBU to the semifinals, and in the same year, the school achieved its first-ever state playoff qualification. The following year, Nareg helped bring the school its first undefeated season, as the team went 21-0. 

His endeavor earned him and his team to be recognized all over social media, however, this drives Nareg’s passion even further, as he does not have any room for complacency. He spends most of his time in the gym to keep himself and his team ready for competition. During his free time, Nareg prepares game-plans and watches film on opposing teams. He does all this to ensure his team wins its first ever CIF Championship in Division 2A. It has always been Nareg’s dream, ever since he was a kid, to eventually, down the road, lead a college basketball team to a National Championship. 

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