From Pain To Passion: How Andres Corona and Eberths Perozo Turned Their Fortune Around Through E-Commerce Business

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For many people trying to do something decent and make a name for themselves, the journey isn’t always easy. This is the case for Andres Corona and his friend and partner, Eberths Perozo who ultimately found something that they are truly passionate in their company MidoCommerce.

Corona and Perozo became friends at low points in their lives, back on the streets of Buenos Aires when they both didn’t have much going for them apart from their desire to become successful entrepreneurs and their determination to chase their dreams. 

Eberths Perozo, he grew up in Venezuela and had a college degree before making the important decision to move to Argentina for greener pastures. That was where he met his business partner, Andres Corona. 

Corona had worked a couple of menial jobs, like selling protein shakes and then learned about trading because he had to fend for his mother and siblings, while Perozo had been a serial entrepreneur, having also learned about crypto and then e-commerce.

In some ways, the two struck a bond of friendship because they shared a very similar back story, and they had their eyes set on achieving success in the same industry. While Andres Corona lost his father early in his journey, Eberths grew up under the care of his stepfather who wasn’t inclined to leave him any substance to inherit. So both men had to literarily forge their path to success. 

“We shared the same vision and goal,” explained Andres Corona, “so we decided to come to the United States and start MidoCommerce.” 

Even though they admit they had struggles when they first came to the U.S. the result of their effort together over the years has been phenomenal. They were able to turn in 6-figures on their first store in two years.

“We made $286,000 in sales with our first store, and after that, it was only a matter of growing further,” says Andres. 

But success didn’t come quickly; from doing small jobs and sacrificing their time and resources to learn to trade, it was a grueling way up the ladder. Along the way, they learned about e-commerce and the promises it held, and they went all in to see how far it could take them.

In the final analysis, it all came down to passion; what they were ready to do to get to where they wanted. The basic lesson here is commitment is born from passion. If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing, it’s only going to become frustrating for you. 

For Andres Corona and Eberths Perozo, the story of their journey and success as e-commerce entrepreneurs is a source of inspiration. Through their company, MidoCommerce, an e-commerce brand with a staff strength of over 120 workers and 75 stores, the duo grosses 7 figures in sales annually, they have shown that where there is a will, there is always a way. 

Their life journey, from where they started and where they are today, is proof that no matter how low you are in life, dreams do come true and you can achieve anything you desire if you are passionate about what you’re doing. In the words of Corona: “I realized that e-commerce was something that I liked,’ he says. “It’s my first love.”


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