Finding Purpose Through Pain, A Look Into Real Estate Investor Mark F. Smith’s Philosophy of Rebuilding

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No matter how well and carefully we plan, not everything works to our expectations. Sometimes we take a wrong turn, hit a massive roadblock, and end up in a place where making a comeback seems nearly impossible. But the beauty of life is that you can always start over at any point – a life lesson flawlessly demonstrated by Mark F. Smith.

A few years ago, Mark felt incredibly lost. His life had been shattered into little pieces, from being a Prominent Sales Figure in his Industry, generating over $100 Million in Sales, to becoming homeless overnight. Dealing with a broken marriage and multiple false allegations destroyed his career and friendships and profoundly affected his mental health. He lost his children due to Parental Alienation, and according to Mark, he didn’t see any reason to continue living.

In just a few months, Mark F. Smith lost everything, including his self-worth and self-respect. This took his voice away from him, and he had become another statistic of the family law system where being a man means you are guilty until proven innocent. Left to choose between surrendering or fighting back, Mark decided to fight back, knowing full well that the legal bills would continue mounting, leaving him crippled financially.

Mark became a strong believer that it’s not one’s circumstance that defines them, but how one chooses to face their circumstances that do. Choosing to face his circumstance, he had to rebuild and gain control of his life. While he knew it would be difficult and painful, he was unwilling to let the challenges stop him this time.

With his back against the wall, Mark decided that the best investment he could make at this stage was to invest in himself. He began to invest in his health, spirituality, relationships, and mentorship. And in doing so began to realize his purpose. 

Mark quickly realized he needed a financial vehicle to rebuild his life. He knew that Real Estate Investing could allow him to grow financially. He made his first income property purchase by dedicating time and effort to learning more about Real Estate Investing while working with mentors. Mark has not looked back since growing his portfolio of Income Properties.

Leveraging Mark’s Sales Expertise of generating over $100 Million in Sales, and his multiple achievements, including consecutive President and National Sales Awards in Canada, Mark has focused his attention now on helping rebuild men that have experienced difficult life challenges. Mark has pledged to help 1 Million Men in the world by creating a consulting corporation. This platform offers mentorship and coaching to Rebuild Mindset, Real Estate Investing, Executive Sales, and Personal Branding. He is also the proud ambassador for The Successful Male magazine – a personal, business, leadership initiative, movement, and magazine.

After losing everything, Mark made a comeback, rebuilt his net worth and life, and built a powerful online brand. Guided by his philosophy, “rebuild to achieve,” Mark now helps others pick up the broken pieces and rebuild their lives. He has learned that the greatest gift we all have is to serve others; ultimately, it is with service that we find our true purpose.


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