Ege Unal reveals secrets of artist management

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A network is crucial in business, as if you don’t have anyone to help you along your journey, your chances of success are minimal. Today, Ege Unal, artist manager, entrepreneur, and influencer talk about some artist management secrets that might not seem obvious to people starting out.

The key to success lies in patience

Don’t get greedy, says Ege. The reason why Ege Unal has succeeded is he builds trust and relationships with his clientele, unlike other managers who are just in it for the money. ”We’re in this to grow together, and I will do everything in my power to help the artist succeed.’‘ So, building relationships and establishing trust is probably the most essential thing you can do in management and the best way to build your network.

This is proven with Ege Unal’s track record in working with ”Only the Family” music group by Lil Durk. Not to mention the countless small artists he has managed and mentored, from 100-200 followers to verified celebrities that go on tours and do shows in famous nightclubs.

Communication is crucial

As a manager, you’re communicating most of the work day. The biggest tip here is to archive your emails after you have replied to them, so you don’t waste time looking at them. It’s a genuine reason for celebration when your inbox reaches 0 emails. Another big thing is learning to convert time zones if necessary. If you are calling New York from Melbourne, you want to ensure you don’t arrange a time for 4:00 AM.

Utilise social media

Social Media can be a powerful tool to reach new fans and engage current fans. Using Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram advertising, you can significantly grow your database/fan page by targeting headlines acts’ fans with an advertised post. Showing your act’s personality through social media can also help engagement. Sometimes posting plain text and only gig flyers becomes mundane and will lose engagement quickly.

Ege used this to build one of his artists up through TikTok and help him go viral. Now the rapper will perform in Ege’s home country – Turkey. In the end, remember that no one wants to be a manager who is only to make money. Take care of your artists first, and the money will come second.

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