Dr. Nune Stepanyan Shares Her Journey to the Top as an Aesthetic Practitioner 

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Aesthetics for the face, or anywhere on the body, have had their fair share of controversy, as well as criticism over the past few decades. However, with the world becoming more progressive and open now than ever, the idea of aesthetic treatments is becoming increasingly popular. Aesthetics have helped people get the kind of features they’ve always wanted or simply look more youthful. Dr. Nune Stepanyan is an aesthetic practitioner who is also pushing what’s possible in this industry. 

Dr. Nune entered the aesthetics industry in 2016, and at the time, she was considered an outcast. As she recalls, she had never had any treatments on her face, but she was enthusiastic and pumped to learn. Dr. Nune started her practice in a single room in a primary care practice in Silverlake, Los Angeles. 

In just the first five years that Dr. Nune was injecting, she established herself in the aesthetics industry. She started working to build her brand and her own practice. This was the starting point of her own clinic, The Stepanyan Clinic. Dr. Nune allowed her patients to come to her and experience the luxuries of her aesthetic treatments. Dr. Nune also grew with her patients and established strong relationships with them. 

Trust was one of the main factors Dr. Nune had gained from her initial clients, leading to them recommending her to their families and friends. Now, Dr. Nune trains nurses, doctors, PAs, and NPs in advanced injectables. Besides obtaining a doctorate in nursing, Dr. Nune’s other biggest achievement was being asked to give a commencement speech at her graduation ceremony, where she was a professor and a student. 

While Dr. Nune works in the aesthetic industry, she also believes that we are all unique and beautiful. She says, “We should not be threatened by features that make us unique. They make us who we are.” When it comes to social media, Dr. Nune is very active on Instagram, TikTok as well as Twitter. Her 11.6K followers on Instagram and 8.5K on Twitter reflect how far she’s come. 

Along with aesthetics, Dr. Nune also offers consultations on other concerns such as wrinkles, acne scars, large pores, skin rejuvenation, and facial volume loss. Among her services, Dr. Nune offers dermal filler injectables, neurotoxins, microneedling with radiofrequency (Morpheus8 and VirtueRF), CO2 lasers such as CoolPeel, Skinwave hydrafacials, traditional microneedling with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Intense Pulsed Light Therapy (IPL) and Forma. 

Dr. Nune’s journey has been challenging, and she mentions that even though we face challenges of all sorts, the key is bouncing back. When talking about wisdom, Dr. Nune says we should all be unapologetically real and authentic. She emphasizes that when most problems in your life can be solved through a simple injection, that’s when you should stop listening to naysayers.

When discussing her plans for the future, Dr. Nune says “the sky is the limit” and she feels like she can accomplish anything with grit, perseverance, and good work ethic. In the land of the free, with access to education and resources, Dr. Nune flourishes in the industry that allows her to be an entertainer, a healer, a model, an injector, an entrepreneur and so much more. However, most importantly, she wants to continue heading The Stepanyan Clinic. Dr. Nune wants to continue growing the clinic into a space where people of all sizes, colors, and shapes can walk in and be treated in a beautiful environment, where no one feels like an outcast. 


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