Dr. Malda Aldaoudi considers Profhilo treatment to be a game changer in the beauty industry

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Today, the market is surging with different kinds of skin boosters that claim to offer long-term beauty benefits. However, which one should you choose? The famous aesthetic dermatologist, Dr. Malda Aldaoudi, takes a look at an up-and-coming skin treatment called Profhilo, considering this a game changer in the beauty industry.

Different skin boosters treat different skin issues, one of the most popular types is the Profhilo treatment. But what exactly is this treatment? Answering this, Dr. Malda Aldaoudi says, “It is specifically designed for patients whose skin lacks volume and elasticity. It is an injectable skin remodelling treatment with one of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid (HA) on the market.”

The steady release of HA by Profhilo encourages the development of collagen and elastin, which results in better skin quality as the result. Dr. Malda Aldaoudi says, “The best way to describe Profhilo is as a ‘bio-remodeller,’ because it encourages your body’s own healing mechanisms. It first allows your skin to be moisturized, and then the procedure stimulates the synthesis of new collagen and elastin.”

If two treatments are done one month apart, Profhilo typically lasts six months. On differentiating this treatment from others, Dr. Malda says, “Profhilo uses the unique NAHYCOTM thermal complexing technology, and that sets it apart from conventional skin boosters. This method allows for the formation of stable complexes between high and low molecular-weight HA without the use of additional chemical stabilisers.”

We are sure that Dr. Malda Aldaoudi’s words might have helped you. She has invested years, of effort and energy to gain all this knowledge. After completing her degree and master’s in Syria, she shifted to Dubai and holds current licenses at the Dubai Health Authority and Health Authority in Abu Dhabi.

Apart from pursuing her master’s at Harvard University, she also attends multiple workshops and seminars. She is also the main shareholder at Dubai’s most prestigious, Eternel Clinic. So, if you are in the UAE and looking to get your first Profhilo treatment done, then visit Dr. Malda at her clinic.


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