Becoming an entrepreneur may not have a specific degree requirement, but it does take a lot of knowledge and passion. It is a journey that requires one who isn’t afraid to take risks, with a relentless drive to achieve despite failure. Founder and CEO of one of the fastest growing solar energy companies in the nation, Devin Anderson, showcases what it means to be a successful entrepreneur.

Before Anderson began his entrepreneurship, he was working as a sales representative for another renewable energy company, Trinity Solar. Working as a door-to-door salesperson, Devin worked his way to the top and became their leading sales representative and won Rookie of the Year in February of 2019 as their #1 new employee. Here, Anderson learned what it takes to run a business, “You take on all the pressure and all the risks with high levels of failure, it’s very time-intensive. Instead of starting out being a business owner, be a sales professional first,” he says.

With an extensive background in sales and already involved in the solar power industry, Anderson built his own renewable energy company, SourceNRG. “I felt like no one could do it better. I’ve worked in the corporate arena, the smaller ‘mom and pop’ arena, and the 1099 arena. There is no equalizer, no organization that did everything exceptionally well across the board,” he says. Today, Devin and his team are transforming the way we produce and consume energy. 

Anderson’s confidence in his products and services has attracted a strong team of like-minded individuals. His sales representatives have seen a shift in how they conduct themselves, in and outside of work due to Devin’s attention to detail within training. SourceNRG is successful because of how it has been built around an ethos; “Surround yourself with people that are smarter than you, that are willing to argue with you, that are willing to challenge you. Create systems and processes, and manage those instead of people. If you delegate tasks, delegate authority as well. Only surround yourself with people who are willing to slam their head through the wall because of how excited they are,” he says. 

By making renewable energy a thoughtful transition for homeowners, SourceNRG is helping provide awareness of people’s carbon footprints. Anderson’s mission to help homeowners invest in solar energy has led SourceNRG to become a $30 million dollar company and grow to locations nationwide. Devin hopes to continue improving his business and change the way the world uses energy. Keep up with Devin Anderson by following his Instagram, @thedevinanderson.

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