Everyone has their eyes set on this unique NFT project selling physical art work of the artist.

David Kassman, is a world-renowned modern and contemporary photographer whose work

depicts environmental changes from an artistic point of view. Most of his work delves into the subject of human-nature and human-environment relationship, which has brought off the track since the past few decades. This Israeli photographer has spent more than a decade presenting the world through his lens. During his journey, David has worked with Dona Karen as a leading photographer, and also teaches photography at the Israel prestigious Shenkar University of Art.

David’s work is retrospective in nature and instills a message of hope alongside questioning the constant conflicts humans have created whether with nature or in terms of war, global pollution and more. This year has seen a lot of David’s work, the most noted one so relevant to the Ukrainian where he depicts global conflicts via his more recent Spiderman project, which is dedicated to PSTD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) victims who continue to struggle in their day-to-day lives.

Spiderman project is scheduled to showcase at Art Basel from Dec 2nd-4th, 2022, David says that he wants to reach out to PSTD victims and make them realize that they have company, and are not alone. The project spans across the globe including places like New York, Egypt, Germany, The Walling Wall, The Judea Dessert, Italy, Turkey, Jordan, France and Israel, of course, which has a strong presence with the Walling Wall. David has his own Metaverse which houses his entire life’s work.

The unique NFT project has David’s artworks for sale with 250 players buying for the winner’s position. The winner will get a unique photograph with frame delivered to his doorstep. Interestingly, each of David’s work will be in the form of an NFT auction. 

Instagram: instagram.com/david.kassman


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