At just 22 years old, David Fichman is helping people in the thousands. He’s an entrepreneur who took his life seriously: he wanted to find what made him the happiest. In doing so, Fichman has helped others find their joy in this complex and tough world we live in.

David Fichman created Bootcamp, a special program that teaches people how to live a fulfilling and successful life. At Bootcamp, they help people deconstruct their issues, and their bad habits, so they can build better lives, both personally and professionally. People come to Bootcamp for various reasons. For some, it’s family issues and for others, it’s gambling problems. People attend Bootcamp for depression and anxiety, or simply to live a more productive life.

Bootcamp helps people through both social and psychological issues: “We follow a disciplined, strict moral code to really deconstruct the issues of those who come to us for help,” Fichman says. “We believe this is the most effective way to create profound change, but it requires a strict, clearly defined rubric of how to improve,” he says. Fichman teaches how to live a fulfilling life by utilizing emotional tools. For example, he teaches people to “know yourself,” “learn when and why to say yes or no,” and “develop a hobby,” says Fichman.

These are the same tools David Fichman utilizes himself. He knows how valuable they are. After all, Fichman struggled to find happiness. He grew up attending one of the best schools in Melbourne, Australia, but it wasn’t easy for him. Fichman always knew he needed more out of life – he just wasn’t sure what it was he needed. Never satisfied with the things other people seemed to be satisfied with like sports, girls, and school, Fichman set out to find himself after high school, rather than taking the traditional route:

“My attitude never fit the mold of achieving high grades, graduating University, and securing a respectable job: I deeply wanted to make a change in the world, rather than to accept what it had to offer,” says David.

So David Fichman took his future into his own hands. After high school, he went straight into the workforce in search. He worked for one of the top real estate agencies in Australia, but after only 6 months, he left real estate and got into the media industry. He quickly moved into management, hiring 25 employees who he had to train and coach: “As I was explaining the keys to my success to my employees, that success is not a result, it’s a mindset, I realized that I truly loved teaching and helping others,” says David.

That’s when everything clicked for David Fichman. He wanted to help people. He created Bootcamp so he could live the fulfilling and rewarding life he always dreamed of as a middle and high school student. “What excites me most is the thought that I can love every moment of my work and make a significant change to the world, rather than just money,” he says. 

He has helped so many people. On Instagram alone, he posts videos for over 100K followers that encapsulate the messages he teaches at Bootcamp. “So long as I stay focused, I have full confidence that the passion I bring to my industry will guarantee my success,” he says. “The idea that there are others in the world who feel alone and without support motivates me to continue to grow this business,” David Fichman.


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